And the rodent says…

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on this important holiday – Groundhog Day. I’m posting this while it’s still not completely bright out and we wait for full sunrise to see if Nova Scotia’s prognosticating rodent, Shubenacadie Sam, will forecast 6 more weeks of winter – or an early spring. If you want to read how fat rodents began to predict weather, here’s an article about how it started in the US:

I find it interesting that everyone gathers to see the rodent’s forecast, but does anybody go back 6 weeks later to see if he was correct? Where’s the accountability for this prognosticating? But then again, the REAL meteorologists can’t give you info that’s much good beyond an hour – so I guess no one is going to hold a rodent to a 6 week prediction.

Not a whole lot new here. We’re still recovering from the big birthday bash. We all were into the biscuits a bit much. Phew.

This morning I go to work out with the Shaggies. That’s always fun. We’ll see how I do with my dumbbell skills. The Warden was feeling pretty exasperated in trying to get me to hold that thing. I’d take it, and if she let go of it- plop – I dropped it. After 267 trials in which she begged me to “hold it” she got a bright idea. Cruel in my mind – but brilliant in hers. When supper time came around, instead of feeding me, she took me downstairs – with the dumbbell AND my food bowl. She sat on the couch, and put my food bowl behind her. As you might expect, my brain exploded. WHAT could she be doing with it? I jumped at her and she said “off.” And then she pulled out the blasted dumbbell. “Take it,” she said. At first I stared at her and then I slowly took the thing like it was hot coals. She then said “hold it,” removing her hand from below my chin. I held the stupid thing for 2 seconds. She put her hands on it and said “give.” I happily released the plastic stupid stick as if it was covered in Bitter Apple. She reached behind her and gave me a handful of food. Then she tried the whole sequence again. After three successful “hold its” I realized that she was “training” me – so I just backed off and started barking at her. “I’m starving. I’m going to die if I don’t eat. I HATE dumbbells!” She just gave me a little smug smile and held out the dumb dumbbell. Again. I grabbed it and held on for dear life. She said “give” and I immediately let go. Jackpot! The rest of the food bowl was ceremoniously presented.

She has won the dumbbell battle with her food bowl ploy a few times now. But trust me, the war isn’t over….She figures that MAYBE by Christmas I’ll hold on. I think she’s optimistic. Maybe she should ask the groundhog.

We got some snow the other day – just enough that the Boss decided he didn’t feel like going down the deck stairs to pee on the lawn. So he peed ON the deck – while the Warden shouted “no!!!” Then he started back for the door, hit the deck and rolled. Thankfully not in his pee. He doesn’t like to walk in snow – just roll in it. And of course you KNOW his peeing on the deck started a whole chain reaction of deck peeing. We ALL needed to pee where he peed. Well everybody except the Warden. She just kept saying “noooo!” Too late. We all left our signatures in the snow.

OK. Time to get up and follow the exciting movements of Sam. I think we all should have gone to see him. We definitely could “help” him in deciding which way to go! Next year for sure. With a dumbbell in my mouth…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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