Hey blogaroos! It’s me Squirmy-stop-licking-your-brother Wormy here on a wonderful Wednesday. We’ve had some lovely days lately – perfect for crunching in the leaves – and for taking the obligatory fall foliage photos. As usual, the Boss is picture perfect, I sometimes sit still, and the Coyote begrudgingly participates – because he’s on a leash and can’t get away.

We still haven’t taken the dreaded Halloween shots. The Warden will have to find some amazing treats – I’m thinking top sirloin might do the trick. I understand there could be head gear – so that always makes for great fun.

Now rumor has it that the Warden ALSO bought one FULL costume for SOMEONE. I’m hoping it’s for the neighbors’ cat. Here’s the thing- the Warden shops for all our attire at the dreaded Dollar Store – and I don’t know what the Dollar Store is like where you live – but here – every costume (thankfully) will only fit dogs that weigh like 10lbs or less. Clearly nobody here fits that description. So we’ve never been subjected to the whole full out costume thing. But the Warden was snickering when she came home the other day – and I fear that one of us will be jammed into some kind of bizarre attire. I vote for the Boss. He loves having his picture taken. This could be interesting.

And speaking of interesting…we have something REALLY cool scheduled for next weekend. I won’t tell you yet what it is – but say a prayer that the weather is good. It involves me and the Boss. And um….. two other dogs. I’ll give you a hint – think team. Stay tuned for more info later in the week.

So what’s new in the news…oh – a couple of Royal updates. First we have a word from Prince Harry.


Wowza. Can you IMAGINE living in a household with three crazy dogs?! Must be tough…

Then we have a word from Fergie.


I’m glad to hear the Queen’s dogs are getting along so well. So Fergie and Andy have 7 dogs now. And it’s all good. Maybe Fergie needs to chat with Harry.

Well I better get the Warden up and moving. We have some work to do today….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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