Howdy blogaroos!!! Squirmy here on this Sunday of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. A weekend to reflect on all the things in life to be thankful for – many of which we don’t even think about!

But first a bad news – great news story…. And really – it’s a story about thankfulness too…

Some of you who are regular readers may remember our buddy Connor, the Old English Sheepdog who was in some conformation classes with the Coyote and me many moons ago. Now the Coyote did a BIT of conformation beauty pageant showing – and he even had a group placement ( which is kinda a big deal), but his beauty pageant career didn’t go much past his first two years. He didn’t really LOVE running around a ring – and the Boss figured she wouldn’t force him to do something he wasn’t really into. I haven’t tried it yet – I still have lots of practice to do. On the other hand, our buddy Connor went on to get BIG ribbons – AND he even won a Best in Show!!! Then of course came COVID, and dog shows were cancelled – just like the rest of fun stuff. Anyway, now that the plague is…manageable… shows have started up again. And Connor was ready to strut his stuff. But sometimes life doesn’t go as planned….

Connor became ill a few weeks ago . Very ill. And literally within a week or two – he went from being a happy go lucky boy to one who was extremely sick. He was diagnosed with cancer….

Connor’s humans had to make the most horrible, but loving decision that you humans who are owned by pets – have to make. They were shattered. Completely shatttered. Connor was the perfect boy who got along with everyone- human and canine. He even tolerated his “brothers” Jerome and Leroy – two Boston Terriers. Jerome has a reputation as being particularly “spunky” – but Connor tolerated the little Napoleon very well.

As humans know, losing a treasured canine companion is devastating. Add to that- this was the first time in several decades that the house had been without an Old English. To say the mood was somber is an understatement.

But then….something happened. It was meant to be…A breeder of Old English in another province, happened to have a litter of puppies. Which included several boys…I think you can guess where this is going….

Some people lose a beloved dog and can’t face the idea of a “replacement.” Because really – one dog cannot replace another. Ever. And some people wait a long time to find a new soulmate to fill part of that hole in their hearts. In fact, some can never even think of getting another dog – because the pain of the loss is so great…

But others feel that longing for a new start. A fresh chapter. And Connor’s humans wanted that….

Within days of learning about the puppies, Connor’s peeps were on the road. And ta da – welcome to Nova Scotia – Declan!

So you KNOW the Warden HAD to go and meet him. Here she is trying to teach the little guy to sit.

She of course showed up with a pocket full of treats.

Here he is telling her how happy he is in his new home…

The Warden tried to get photos of the little guy, but a lot turned out like this.

Reportedly the little guy likes to stay on the move. BUT – get this- he doesn’t act like a shark – AND he likes to snuggle! I think his humans must have drugged him. Here he is with one of his humans looking pretty darn relaxed….

The Warden did get a few photos of him but she wants to go back to get more. Here are a couple…

He is reportedly the perfect puppy. No biting. No barking. No whining. AND Napoleon, I mean Jerome, LIKES him!!! He sounds too good to be true. I’m calling it the honeymoon phase. No dog can be that good – although the Warden said he was that good and she was pretty smitten.

Of course when she came home from her visit we gave her the complete olfactory exam. And we could tell all she had left were treat crumbs in her pocket. The nerve.

Despite our ranging jealousy, we ARE very happy and THANKFUL that Declan and his humans have found each other. Sometimes things are just meant to be. And this is one of them. We think Connor would approve….

Time to go and count our blessings. Which include every one of you reading this! Our treat jar is full, we have a roof over our heads – and there is sun in the forecast. And a new puppy chapter being written – which we get to watch and enjoy. We have much to be thankful for!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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