Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on a fabulous Friday. Ready to roll on into the weekend.

Well we finished boot camp yesterday- and in typical “unpredictable” me fashion – I went out with a bing. Not a bang. A bing. The first three days of camp the Warden was sooooooo pleased with my behavior. I actually looked like I was obedient. And then there was yesterday. Now I wasn’t BAD – but I decided to test the Warden’s consistency with giving rewards. I wanted just to see if I did an exercise a bit “off” if she would reward me. Everyone else was doing the exercise at the same time – and I figured she wanted to keep the pace so I might be able to get away with a reduced effort. The first time I did my own freestyle heeling, she kinda let me get away with it – and big mistake- gave me a treat. So you know us PONs – we’re smart – if you can do less work and still get the reward- go for it. Problem is, she’s smarter than she looks. Second time I tried the half- effort- she said “nope- no treat this time.” We did it again. I still tried the half-effort. No treat. We tried again. I pretended I didn’t know what to do. On the fourth attempt she showed me the treat and basically said “the treat is right here. Do it and it’s yours.” I did it. Does she not understand the principles of intermittent reinforcement? If I did it correctly EVERY time – I know what happens. The treats are eventually spread out more. If you pretend you don’t understand, you’re back into basic mode – so you get more treats. I totally get it.

We had lots of fun with camp and today I get to go back to my regular class too. I missed two weeks because the Warden had the plague. But we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. Can’t wait to see my peeps.

Meanwhile, before we go to class, I expect the Warden to pet me. Why? Because I like it. And it’s good for her. That’s what this article says:

I love to be petted. So does the Coyote. The Boss? Nah. I mean he likes to be in the room where the Warden is – all the time. But he doesn’t beg for pets. A little ear scratch and he’s good to go. It’s interesting that I am capable of sending the Warden’s blood pressure into the Twilight Zone when I get the zoomies and I ricochet off her stomach- and at the same time, according to the article, I can also provide a positive boost to her brain. I’m just so helpful.

Well it’s almost time to take her for her morning walk. Look – I provide her with physical exercise too. Where would she be without me?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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