Team Shaggy

Howdy blogaroos. It’s me. Clean Squirmy here. Yup – yours truly had a bath yesterday. And so did the Boss. Must have something to do with our “thing” today. We have to look presentable. At least that’s what the Warden said. If we don’t behave, at least we’ll look good.

And what’s our “thing”? Are ya ready for this one? The Boss and I are in a Team Rally competition with Jane and our two Pyr Shep pals – Fidjit and Kwik! We are Team Shaggy. We are going to some Labrador Retriever Dog Show about an hour from here. But clearly you don’t need to be a Labrador to enter rally. And are you sitting down? It’s OUTSIDE! I haven’t been in many trials to begin with let alone one on grass. THIS could be interesting.

The weather today looks good – but we’re entered tomorrow too- and the weather fore-guess is calling for a possibility of rain. Fine for Labradors. Not so much for shaggies. Given that the Boss walks like he is on hot coals when the lawn is even dewy, THAT could be really interesting.

We had a little practice yesterday so the humans could strategize our plan. Bottom line is that they can strategize all they want, but if we canines decide to go rogue- it’s all over. Mind you it IS on leash, so we can’t go too crazy!

I doubt CNN will be there- so you’ll have to wait to hear from me after we’re all done. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it around the course without peeing on anything! One more thing for the Warden to worry about.

Wish us luck!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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