Routines. And the Boss.

Hey blogaroos! Squirmy here as we lounge our way through the week. The Warden is feeling better and better – and according to the “health professionals” she’s probably no longer contagious. However…she IS still coughing so she thinks we had better miss class and training for this week. She doesn’t want to take ANY chance that she could pass on the plague to anyone else. But next week, it will be business as usual!

While she’s been sick, several friends popped over and dropped off groceries. She told them what she needed and they picked up a few things for her. HOWEVER….in her COVID fog she forgot something. Something very important. Very VERY important. Plain yogurt. Plain yogurt to stuff KONGS. And THAT was a problem. A HUGE problem for the Boss. The Boss likes his routines. And you don’t BREAK his routines….

The first day there were no frozen yogurt stuffed KONGS, the Warden substituted Bully sticks to occupy us. The Boss took his and stood with it sticking out of the side of his mouth and just stared at her. Like some gangster with a cigar who wasn’t paid enough for a job. He stared. And stared. She said “there are no KONGS today. You like Bully sticks. Go. Enjoy it.” He walked away staring at her over his shoulder.

The next day, she managed to find a small container of raspberry yogurt that had been stuck in the back of the fridge probably since April. But she used it for the KONGS and all was right and fruity with the world. The Boss was happy.

But then the next day came – and there was no yogurt. So there were no frozen KONGS. Just TRY to explain that to the Boss. She thought she would appease him by giving him a half piece of bread. He gulped that down and then stared at the freezer where the KONGS should have been. Then he positioned himself next to her as she ate breakfast. She kept saying “I’m sorry – there are no KONGS. And we’re out of Bully sticks.” Boy oh boy he was NOT impressed.

Yesterday she STILL had no yogurt so she searched the fridge for ANYTHING that might appease the cranky old Boss. And she had an idea! CARROTS! She got them out, cut off the ends and gave one to each of us. The Boss, of course, immediately did his best rabbit routine and started chewing away. Yours truly just dropped mine. I didn’t want a carrot. The Coyote didn’t want one either, but when the Boss eyed his, he took off with it. Meanwhile, the Boss ate mine. After finishing that off, he sauntered over to the Coyote who, when he saw the Boss’ “look”, immediately abandoned his edible orange chew toy. The Warden had to take it from the Boss because she figured three giant carrots just MIGHT be a bit much. He still kept looking at the freezer…

Thankfully we had some groceries delivered yesterday- and you know what was at the top of the list. Plain yogurt. She was busy stuffing KONGS for hours last night. Or so it seemed. Thank GOODNESS. Routine Rocky will be happy today. And finally the Warden can have a relaxing breakfast. Maybe.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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