Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here for your reading pleasure today.

I’m here to report that Her Highness is feeling somewhat better. Not completely herself just yet – but we are seeing glimpses of her again. Our walks remain rather short as she regains her energy. She has spent an inordinate amount of time doing what humans call “binge watching” Netflix. She had never been particularly interested a rather famous royal docudrama – but after the sad demise of the Queen, she began watching Season 1, last week. She is now half-way through Season 4. I need not count the hours – suffice to say it has been many. Personally, I find it hard to believe that an episode has not been fully devoted to the Queen’s dogs. Horses have certainly had their time, but so far the canines have been featured only in passing. But then this IS partly fiction.

While we think it fine that Her Highness take time to recover, we ARE a bit bored. And frankly, we do feel it is our duty to keep her moving somewhat…

On Sunday, while our Royal Highness was busy watching “one more episode” of the other Royal Highness, she suddenly heard all of us canines begin to wildly bark. I should note she was lounging on the sofa in the DFZ. She heard us run outdoors onto the deck. Or so she thought. When our barking suddenly grew silent, she lifted herself off of her throne and came to see what we were barking at on the deck. Except there was no one there. Instead, there was a wide open front door. With no dogs in sight. You see, Her Highness had been out the front door earlier to bring the potted plants out of the garage post-Fiona. Clearly she had not totally latched the door, and some remaining Fiona breeze blew the door open. Providing an instant escape route for three rather bored canines.

When she looked out the door she saw no one, but she immediately called my name- thinking I would be the most likely to return home. Wrong. She tried my name again. No response. Then called the Imp. No response. She didn’t bother calling the Coyote as she knew he would never come anyway. She ran into the house – with her wild COVID hair style standing straight up on her head. She grabbed two leashes and came back outside but didn’t know which way to go. She tried calling the Imp again – and low and behold, who should come racing down the driveway as if it was dinner time, but the Imp himself. She literally showered him in treats – telling him what a brilliant boy he was. She walked him to the house and made sure he was securely inside. One down, two to go. She got in the car and drove up to the neighbors’ house. She called my name – as she heard me bark. We were at the other neighbors’ house – I had made a the trail there to look for their cats. I have a fascination with cats. I can tell if a cat has recently passed by on a walk. My nose goes up – and I’m on high alert. So when the door blew open, I thought this a perfect opportunity to visit the neighbors’ cats. The Coyote just followed me.

So Her Highness heard me bark and she heard the neighbor calling “they’re up here. Now they’re headed your way.” Sure enough- we made a beeline for Her Highness through the woods. The Coyote quickly jumped into the front seat of the car – no doubt envisioning a car ride somewhere fun. Wrong. Her Highness shut the door, opened the rear hatch and tossed yours truly into a crate. Escaped convicts were recaptured. The ride was right back home.

When she drove into the garage, she left us in the vehicle until the garage door was closed – she wasn’t taking any chances that we would go for another walk about.

Yesterday we had rain, so we were content to binge watch more of the Royals. Yawn. As if we had a choice. But this time you can be sure, the front door was firmly secured. Not that it would have mattered. I did say it was raining.

We will know Her Highness is really feeling herself when we are groomed. All three of us are also sporting COVID hair styles at present. Not that I mind – I rather enjoy a rugged farm dog appearance. Unless it’s wet on the farm…

Let’s see how we can get Her Highness moving today. We’re really very thoughtful lads…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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