Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy reporting post hurricane- and for a change the hurricane I’m talking about wasn’t me.

Nope – we’re talking about Fiona. She packed a wallop on the eastern mainland of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. Prince Edward Island and the west coast of Newfoundland were also hard hit. We certainly felt her presence, but not as much as our buddies to the east of us. Still – many BIG trees came down in the city, and the Public Gardens were hard hit. There were over 400,000 customers without power around the province. By some miracle, we kept our power. The Warden must have prayed to Saint Eligius, the patron saint of electricity. And veterinarians. And horses. And coin collectors. Now that’s an interesting bio…All I know is that she didn’t need to flush the toilet with the multiple buckets of water she had prepared.

We haven’t been down to the lake yet – it was still pretty windy and the Warden didn’t want any of us clobbered by branches. Only one tree ended up across our driveway, which two of our neighbors kindly moved to the side -so we can get out- when the Warden is feeling better.

It turns out she does in fact have the plague – she tested positive on Friday. She’s feeling a tiny bit better each day – but still not herself. She has very little taste and appetite. But at least her voice is starting to sound like her. I’ve been blaming my lack of obedient behavior on the fact that I don’t recognize her voice. OK. I agree. That’s a pretty lame excuse. But a guy has to try.

Now although Fiona luckily did not impact us in a big way…it’s a good thing she didn’t take away our power because the vacuum cleaner is in great demand. You’ll note in the picture that our deck is covered in leaves and leaf bits. So is our lawn. So IMAGINE what our house looks like when we come in from outside? Leaf confetti. Everywhere. It’s a losing battle.

Not sure what’s on the agenda for today. Probably more resting and naps for the Warden. Which is pretty boring, but we do understand.

We’re hoping all our buddies without power will soon see the light. Meanwhile, we’ll keep bringing in confetti. Par-teeeeee!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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