Hurricane and plague…

Hey ho blogaroos. Reporting here from the land of doom and gloom. OK- that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It’s not TOTAL doom and gloom. Just partial.

To begin with, the Warden clearly is not having allergy problems. Most allergies don’t include a fever, ongoing cough and all-over body aches. She took an at-home COVID test, like I mentioned the other day and it was negative. She made an appointment to have a nasal roto rooter expert do the test on Wednesday , but she felt too sick to go. In the morning, ater she managed to creep outside with us, she spent the entire day either in bed or on the sofa. Yesterday she felt marginally better, but she still has a fever. She’s not coughing quite as much – and when she does she doesn’t sound so much like a Canada Goose. She booked another expert test for today, but we’ll see if she feels good enough to go.

On top of the infirmary-like atmosphere, we are hunkering down for more company. But not the human kind. It looks like Hurricane Fiona is heading our way. To prepare for the windbag, one must make sure there is nothing loose around the house. Things like lawn furniture, barbecues and garbage cans must be either tied down or put away – like in the garage. You also need to prepare for power outages – which are likely to happen. So you need to be sure you have extra batteries for flashlights and you need to charge up power supplies for devices. Because we live on a well, no power means no water. So we have filled up bottles, buckets and have filled the bathtubs. Keep in mind, no water means you can’t flush – so you need buckets of water to keep things moving.

At a press conference yesterday, the powers that be announced that this will be a historic storm. Oh yay. It is supposed to start tonight and will last through tomorrow morning. We’ll write when the storm is all over.

In a bit of good news – we had an anniversary on the 20th! Eight years – yes eight years of writing this blog. Who knew dogs could have so much to say! We want to send a special shout out to several groups who have allowed us to share our crazy stories on their Facebook pages: The Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales and the West of England, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club, and the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association. The Warden has met some wonderful people as a result of our blog – some have become true, lasting friends. We so appreciate your comments and we love when you share a story about your canine kid – whether or not it’s a PON or a Picard. Let’s face it – PONs and Picards aren’t the only naughty breeds in the world. Near the top maybe, but it’s a long list!

OK. Time to see if the Warden has enough energy to walk us more than 10 feet from the front door. It’s already raining- even though Fiona isn’t supposed to arrive until later. The Warden said she’s so grateful that we all understand and pretty much follow the direction to “hurry up”. And given the forecast, you can be sure that will come in handy.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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