Return to “normal”

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on a super Saturday. Things are slowly returning to normal now that the Warden is feeling better. Mind you, our “normal” may be a bit different than the average household. Our “normal” would be crazy to most people. But hey – that’s what makes us so lovable. Cough.

I sure missed class yesterday- but we’ll be back next week. I have lots of remedial work to do…

The Boss is happy again because the stuffed KONGS have returned. The only bad thing about all this return to normalcy – it’s back to grooming time. I was the first victim yesterday and I must confess, I did feel better when I was all fluffed up. Today will be the Boss’ turn. Unless he can hide.

Guess what also appeared yesterday? Pumpkins!!! So now the fun begins. Want to place a bet on who will be the first to pee on them? My money is on the Coyote. He’s the Pumpkin Peeing Champ.

According to the crazy calendar, on this day in 1888, the magazine National Geographic was published for the first time. The magazine has done loads of articles on dogs, and we’ve shared some in the past. So this time, we’ll share a video from them- all about smart dogs.

Now the video is supposed to be for kids – but the Warden found it pretty interesting herself. The only thing that seemed really weird was the story of Donnie the Doberman. After she watched it, she looked into our yard which is scattered with an assortment of toys and bones – in all states of disarray. No special patterns visible in our yard. Clearly Donnie thinks differently than we do. He likely doesn’t attempt to bury his toys or pee on them if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plus stuffed toys don’t even exist in our world. I guess Donnie doesn’t have the dissection gene that we do. I’m still not so sure about that guy… See what you think.

Well, time to walk the Warden. And to check out those pumpkins!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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