Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy-don’t -do-that-again Wormy here on another sunny Sunday. Ah yes- a good day for lounging- and trying to stay out of trouble. I’m “trying” alright….

So who remembers our blog post from March 1? Anybody? Just joking – we didn’t remember either – so let me refresh your memory.

It was the last time the Coyote escaped. And the Warden didn’t know WHERE he went. But she soon found out – because his running image was captured on a neighbor’s security camera. So the Warden knew exactly where he had gone.

Who knew our OTHER neighbors ALSO have a security camera? And THIS time the image was of a smaller, shaggier, grey and white dog. Yup – yours truly decided to do some visiting.

I was coming down the driveway with the Warden after my morning walk, and she took me off leash. We did 30 seconds of heelwork, and when we stopped, I got a treat and the Warden said “free.” Now this is where there was a misunderstanding. To her, “free” means to walk or run to the door on my own. To ME, “free” means FREE. Free to go wherever I want. So I heard the word, and bolted into the woods. The Warden called me once, but knew I was likely on the bunny trail. She went in the house, but then came back out and marched up the driveway. She walked down the road toward the direction I went and in the direction of the nearest house. She walked to house, looked down their driveway, but saw no evidence of a shaggy runaway. She went back home, expecting to see me waiting for her – but nope- I was still on the lam.

Meanwhile the Coyote was waiting with crossed legs to go out. So she leashed him up, but instead of heading toward the road, decided to go around the house toward the lake. She marched around the house with the Coyote who immediately stopped to answer nature’s call. As she was waiting for him, she heard crashing in the woods and one ragged looking stick filled mop emerged, huffing and puffing. That would be me.

She just glared at me. The old “I can’t get mad at you because you DID come back” conundrum. Because you are mad. But relieved. We went in the house and she wondered just where I had been.

Well. Like I said before, who KNEW more neighbors had security cameras. The Warden got a text saying I had been spotted on their property. Checking out some items they had bought at Costco – but had left on the steps. What can I say?’ We know I love checking out grocery bags. I just happened to be passing by and wanted to be sure there wasn’t any food inside. That might spoil. Or be stolen by a raccoon. Not to worry – no edibles were found. All was safe….

The Warden said I need to understand exactly what free means. I said she clearly doesn’t understand the definition herself. She said freedom is not FREE. I said she needs to watch Braveheart. She said NO MORE out-of-sight freedom and visiting. I said “oh yeah?!” She said no treats. I said she wins.

Never, ever a dull moment…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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