Mid birthday

Hey there blogaroos! Squirmy here on another fantastic Friday. And it’s doubly fantastic- because it’s a super special day. Today the Boss turns 12 1/2! Every day is REALLY a special day with seasoned dogs. We don’t like the word “senior.” Although the Boss says if it gets him discounts at the pet store, they can call him anything. Anyway, he’s feeling good – has good energy (even given the heat), he still loves to train, he STILL loves to eat- and all bodily functions are doing well. OK- one ear is still a bit goopy – just when the Warden thinks it is fine, yours truly starts licking it again. OK- I’ll stop. I think the Boss MAY get a special trip to the Pet store to celebrate his special day. Mind you, he’s never been CRAZY about car rides- so he’d probably be just as happy if the Warden went on her own and just brought him home a treat….The ONLY issue with the Boss, besides his never-ending love of barking, is his new thing when it gets dark out. Which at this time of the year isn’t until after 9PM. He starts to bark. To basically tell the Warden that he wants to go to bed. Well, it’s not bed so much as the treat he gets before bedtime. So around 9, he stands up and this is the conversation:

Boss: Boof. It’s bedtime.

Warden: It’s just 9. Wait at least 15 minutes.

One minute later…

Boss: Boof. It’s bedtime. Now!

Warden: Go out and pee.

Boss: Boof. I peed already.

Warden: You peed at 7. You need to pee again. Go out!

Boss: Boof. Nope.

Warden: Go out.

Boss: Boof. You come out too.

Warden goes out onto deck.

Warden: Now go down and pee.

Boss: Boof. I peed already.

Warden: You want a treat? You go pee.

Boss: Boof. You come with me.

By this point, I have run up and down the stairs 6 times and have peed 6 times. The Coyote is off wandering the yard.

Warden: I SAID go pee.

She walks to the top of the stairs and says “Go PEE.”

Boss: Boof. Show me how.

She dangles the treat, and he takes two steps down and stops.

Boss: Boof. I really don’t NEED to pee.


He FINALLY goes down the stairs, squats at the bottom step and pees. He races me back up to get a treat.

While we’re chomping away, the Warden is calling for the Coyote who saunters up the stairs in Picard time.

This routine happens every night. And THAT is why he’s called the Boss….

I have school this afternoon- which is always good fun. Except for the obligatory brushing beforehand. Why is it whenever we canines go out in public, we have to be presentable? The whole barrette thing drives me crazy. All week I can have my rugged, wild-looking macho appearance- and whoosh – I’m going out in public and the barrettes come out. The Warden says she wants to look at my eyes- I guess to be sure I’m not staring at my classmate Ranger’s owner. She gave me a treat. Once. And now I’m hers. For life. I think the Warden is jealous. Not to mention the fact that I love our teacher. She has really good treats. And I know it. Hey. You want me to be sociable, right?

That’s it from the funhouse. Time for walkies!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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