Still hot

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here for a quick update about life in the heat of the summer. It’s hot. We’re bored. We’re like slugs. And the Warden is the Slug Queen. She’s active early in the morning, but as the day warms up, her activity level slows down.

Yup. It’s the time of year when humans complain about the weather. Wait. They ALWAYS complain about it. In the winter it’s too cold. In summer it’s too hot. Is there anywhere on earth that experiences eternal autumn?

I’ve been going on morning walks but no GBHs for now – the Warden doesn’t want me to overheat.

Just wondering what YOU do to beat the heat. And any ideas about things to when you can’t really head outdoors.

For some ideas, one can look at sites with info on canine enrichment activities. Like this one:

Now we have tried, and actually do use some of these. Like the KONGS. And we do play around with some scentwork.

The puzzle toys are a bit tricky as we do try to destroy them. Like the snuffle balls – which were a bust when I tried to dissect them to see how they were made. The mats work at mealtime. They extend my eating time from .06 seconds to 25 seconds. They can’t be left around as they’ll end up in the backyard.

Those treat dispensing balls are ok. For at least a couple of minutes.

We buy industrial bullly sticks – 12 inches long. We have to be timed when using them so yours truly doesn’t devour the whole thing in one sitting. It wouldn’t take me an hour to get through a 12 inch one. The other guys are way slower.

We haven’t tried a flirt pole. Getting the concept MAY be a bit tricky as we do enjoy tugging…But it could be cool…

If you have ANY ideas about activities for summer, let me know. The Warden hasn’t tested our lake water yet so no swimming for the Coyote. She thought about a kid pool – but reconsidered , given the fact that 2/3 of us wouldn’t get near it.

What’s a hot dog supposed to do? Oh I do my training – but we’ve even shortened our practice time because I’m huffing and puffing in no time. Mind you, last night when the warden opened the front door to take the Boss and I out to train, I spotted a bunny. My energy level improved significantly when I took off after him into the woods. THAT could be why I was huffing and puffing during training….

OK. Time for the sunrise walks. And then come home to decide which fan to plant myself in front of….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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