Hot enough for ya?

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another Manic Monday. As predicted, we had a hot weekend and pretty much lounged around. But all that heat kinda fried the Warden’s brain- and took her neurotic dog worrying skills to a whole new level.

So here’s the deal. The Boss doesn’t like the heat. He never has liked the heat. He finds the shadiest, coolest places to relax. He plants himself in front of fans. This is not new. He likes to lie down outside in the snow. He LIKES being cool. So when you have a little heat wave, the drama king is miserable. It’s almost as bad as rainy weather for him.

Friday night he was panting away – like he ALWAYS does when he is hot. He was not dying. He was not having a heart attack. He was hot. Hello? We were ALL panting. But you know the Worry-Warden. She stresses. So she kept watching him like a hawk until he settled down at bedtime. But BEFORE he did, she got out of bed and went into the garage hunting for something….she had an idea…

The next morning, the first thing that happens when the Warden gets up, is she marches to the kitchen to give the Boss his medication, which he’s supposed to take an hour before breakfast. He followed her into the kitchen and she looked at him and he was completely fine. No panting. No drama. But she was ready for any panting…

After our walks and breakfast, it was KONG time. Now the Boss ends up in a lather with his KONG every day- he is a serious KONG wrestler. He looks like he has been through a wind tunnel when he’s done and he’s breathing like he ran a marathon. He always looks that way. And the Warden had been thinking about that the night before. So she was ready. She went to the fridge for a surprise. She was SO proud of what she thought would be a brilliant idea. She whipped out a plastic bag – which contained a cool coat. If you’re not familiar with these ingenious devices – they are made of this weird fabric – you douse them in water, and then put them in the fridge – and then you put them on your dog, but your dog’s coat doesn’t get wet. Sounds like a great idea….

So she excitedly puts this THING on the Boss. Only challenge? The size was for a Bernese Mountain Dog. Really. So the Boss was draped in this massive cool coat that practically went to the floor. He just looked at her. And of course, it’s heavy. But it was KONG time – so he managed to ignore the freezing attire that had just enveloped him. I just stared at him.

The Boss finished his KONG, but unlike his usual KONG attack stance, he did the whole thing standing. I think he figured if he went to lie down, he’d never get back up with the weight of the stylish cool coat. After he was done with his KONG, and he checked to see that mine was empty, he went to lie down. He would circle, and start to assume the position, and then get up and move. Clearly the brilliant idea was not overly comfortable. After the Warden witnessed him moving to three different spots, and not being able to lie down, she conceded defeat. She removed the brilliant idea. The Boss shook himself off and found a comfy spot in front of one of the 52 floor level fans. OK. Maybe I’m exaggerating. Just 42.

The cool coat went back into the bag in the fridge. I’m not sure why – does she think he’ll miraculously grow so it fits? And the Coyote would never wear it or need it. He’s a sun lover. Go figure. She said something about a cooling mat that is also in the bag. But that hasn’t materialized yet because she KNOWS that yours truly has kleptomaniac tendencies- and that it would likely end up in the backyard. With bits of broken lawnmower smashed Nylabone. Just kidding. She threw those away. We might choke on them. Can you see my eye roll? Wait until one of us inhales an ice cube the wrong way….

Ya gotta love her. Cool coats and all. Wonder what ELSE is in that garage?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. And cool.

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