I understand…

Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here on a scorching Saturday. Yup. Another hot one here in Canada’s Ocean Playground. The fans are a-flyin here in our house. Our house sounds like an airplane hanger. But it feels comfortable. The Warden puts the fans on the floor so we can be cool. And so can her feet.

What else is new… Oh- the Warden found half of a wasp nest in pieces on the middle of our lawn yesterday morning. We don’t know how it got there. We’re thinking some animal moved it there. Apparently raccoons will do that. And so will bears! Which is a little scary – given that it wasn’t far from our bedroom window! The Coyote is the guy who will stand on the deck at night and do his big dog bark at the woods. We always figured he was doing that just to freak out the Warden. But MAYBE he DID hear something. Anyway, there were no wasps in the nest – so no need for the pest control guy.

Now speaking of hearing and listening to things….you know that old cartoon where the human is talking to the dog, and the dog just hears blah, blah, blah. Now we KNOW that’s not true. We dogs understand a LOT more than you think we do. Why they have even tested some border collie who understood like over 500 words. And I prove to the Warden all the time just how much we do understand – like the other day….

So we know I’m not supposed to take the Kongs outside. There was that unfortunate incident when the Warden went to clean them and found a slug inside one that had been outside. Ewwww. So Kongs are indoor toys. Now IF I manage to sneak one out and the Warden sees me leave it outside, she immediately tells me to go and get it. And I do. Keep in mind there are MANY toys out on the lawn. Hey – did you know a lawnmower can chop a Nylabone right in half? That’s an aside.

Anyway. The other day it was supper time, and the Boss and I were trembling with anticipation for our meals. The Coyote was safely sequestered in the hall and already munching away at his meal. Now when it’s mealtime, we PONs can think of nothing else. You could throw the coolest fetch toy in front of us and we wouldn’t move because we’re so fixated on our food. Anyway, the Warden was just about to give us our bowls, when for some God forsaken reason, she looked around and noticed a Kong was missing. Her brain jumps from one thing to the next – is it any wonder I am the way I am? So she’s standing with our bowls while the Boss and I are literally trembling and drooling, and what does she say? “Hey. There’s a Kong missing. Is it outside? You need to get that before you get your supper.” At first I thought she was joking- but she gave me “the look.” So what did yours truly immediately do? Turned around. Ran out the deck door. Bolted down the stairs to the lawn. Found the Kong. Grabbed it. Raced back up the stairs and in the door and dropped it at the Warden’s feet. She was kinda shocked – and she couldn’t move quickly enough to give me my supper. Who says we dogs don’t understand…

Time to get out before it gets too hot. Yesterday it was a foggy, muggy morning- and we all had bad hair days when we came back from our walks. The Warden included. Good thing we love her – she’s not exactly Vogue material on our morning walks. Add fog and humidity and well, like I said we still love her. Even though we do sometimes snicker….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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