What’s blue and green and not around in winter?

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on a hot Thursday. Yup. We’re feeling the heat too – but still not nearly as bad as our peeps in the UK and in Europe. Holy hot dog – it’s toasty there! Right about now, snowy weather is looking good!

In addition to the heat, which can be dangerous for humans and us canines, we’re also experiencing ANOTHER danger. What’s blue and green and can KILL dogs? Algae! And during particularly warm temperatures, this colorful but dangerous growth can form in lakes, ponds and rivers. If blue-green algae is reported on a body of water, dogs should STAY out. Not that the Boss and I really care. But the Warden has been keeping an eye on our lake for signs of the pea soup sludge. She hasn’t seen ANY – BUT someone reported that it was seen somewhere in our lake! So of course the Warden called the Department of the Environment to check out the report. Apparently they don’t actually check the presence of the stuff – Nova Scotia has so many lakes they could never keep up. So they just depend on regular people reporting what they THINK is blue-green algae. And keep in mind that not all algae is dangerous. They DO test lakes which are used for drinking water – but our lake isn’t in that group. Anyway, the report kinda freaked out the Warden – so nobody is stepping foot in the lake any time soon. Phew. Guess that anonymous call I made was taken seriously. Nova Scotia isn’t the only place on the planet where blue-green algae is found – but here’s some info about it:


The Warden spent a LOT of time on the phone with the enviro people. They probably regret that they took her call. She’s still not convinced the slime monster exists on our lake – but like I said she’s not taking chances AND she ordered an algae test kit from Amazon. Of course she did. I’m not exactly sure why she did – if it’s negative, she still won’t let us in the water. And if it’s positive – still no swimming. I think she just likes science experiments.

Otherwise, we’ve continued our beached whale imitation throughout the day. Even I’m getting better at it.

Today I’m headed to a training center for some remedial obedience work. I can use some extra work – and the place is air conditioned – so it’s better than working at home. As long as there are treats.

OK – gotta walk before the sunrise – before it gets too hot.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe. And keep cool.

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