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Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here. On what is supposed to be a rainy day. For a change, that’s a good thing. We’ve had sunny, warm weather- which is nice – but the plants could sure use some water. Mind you, compared to MANY places, our temperatures have not been extreme. We know that many of you are really feeling the heat – it’s not terrible here. Still, we’ve been taking early walks and we’re keeping games of fetch limited to the evening. We canines can suffer from heat stroke – so it’s a good idea to know the signs – and what to do:’s%20body%20temperature,brain%20damage%2C%20and%20even%20death.

The article has lots of good info. I’m not so sure that the part about clipping the hair of dogs with double coats is true. We debated about including the article – because that’s pretty controversial. We did think the rest of the info was good, though so we decided to share it. Just don’t go whipping out your scissors and say we said to do it!

In keeping on the theme of dog news, we found a few other stories that might be fun to read while sitting in the shade. Here’s one that well – when this dog’s owner said “want to go for a walk?” – this dog had NO idea what she was getting into.

CAN YOU IMAGINE their journey? Wonder if her leash wore out? I think I have the energy to do that. Then again, if it’s hot, maybe not.

What else….oh! Here’s a nice story about a guy who has devoted his life to senior dogs. Check it out:

It takes a pretty special person to do what he does. And a pretty strong person. It would be so hard to be losing old dogs over and over. But I guess the thought of those old dogs living alone in a shelter is even more heartbreaking. We salute what he does….

And finally, a story about a dog who took off for an adventure- and became a winner:

She looks pretty proud of herself in the photo. Way to go – take off, which is NOT a good behavior, but come back with a ribbon. Don’t give the Coyote any ideas…

Time to walk.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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