I scream, you scream, we all scream….

Howdy blogaroos! Happy Sunday! AND happy National Ice Cream Day!!! A day to celebrate that cold, creamy, sugary delight – which is extra perfect in the middle of summer. The Warden remembers when she was a kid and the ice cream truck would arrive in the neighborhood. You could hear the repetitive tune played by the truck as it was approaching – which gave you time to beg your parents for some money to buy a cone. Which you had to devour quickly before it melted. Given her age, I’m surprised the ice cream didn’t arrive by horse and buggy…

Now like a lot of “human” food – ice cream can be a bit iffy for us canines:


So the takeaway- a tiny little cone once in awhile (as long as it’s not chocolate) probably won’t be REALLY bad for us. But a lot of ice cream would not be a great idea. So there ARE alternatives that they mention, and I’ll provide some recipes below. But the one thing in the article that made me roll my eyes – frozen vegetables. Sure. They’re fine for us. But really – how would YOU feel if you were craving ice cream and somebody handed you a frozen asparagus stalk. Not. The. Same. I scream, you scream, we all scream for… asparagus? Epic fail.

I like the Nice Cream idea. And the internet is LOADED with recipes for icy treats for us dogs. Here are just a few:




We watched a YouTube video that showed a woman making fancy ice cream in a real ice cream maker for her dogs. It was a process. Here’s a little secret – keep it simple. If it’s frozen and yummy- we canines aren’t particularly fussy about the texture. Ice cube trays are fine. Heck, we get frozen Greek Yogurt in our Kongs every day – and we’re happy with that. I mean if you have ALL the time in the world, and you want to put that ice cream maker that you bought 8 years ago and only used once into use – go for it. But taking an hour to make something that will disappear in .07 seconds seems a bit counterproductive. Just my opinion.

Time for our early morning walks. We keep getting up earlier and earlier to beat the heat. Then we flop down like beached whales after breakfast. Just like the Warden…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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