Color me cute

Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here on another terrific Tuesday. We had a good weekend- and a quiet Monday – after my little walk-about the other day. The Warden said no more off leash for me for awhile. She’s SO dramatic. She wants me to be sociable – and then she gets annoyed when I am. Sometimes ya just can’t win.

So here’s some trivia for ya….. what is one activity that has the ability to relax the fear center in your brain – the amygdala. This activity reduces stressful thoughts and a restless mind. It’s easy. Kids like to do it. The answer: Live with three dogs!!! Hahaha haha. I’m joking. Remember, the Warden says living with us is like living with two year old triplets. Nope. Whatever it is, sounds like something the Warden needs to do. The real answer: coloring. And, According to the crazy calendar, today is National Coloring book Day. But you knew that, right?

So if you’re feeling stressed today, here are some websites that have what are supposed to be “free” coloring pages – of dogs. Some are for adults and some are listed for kids. I don’t think the Coloring Police would arrest an adult using the ones listed for kids or vice versa. I say “free” because some do have lots of ads. The first one is the best for different breeds – although you’ll note no Picard or PON. Color the Old English and cut off his legs a bit and you could make him look like a PON. Maybe. As for the Picard, take the Schnauzer, change his ears, give him a more shaggy wild coat all over, add a tail and voilà! He’ll look like a Picard wannabe.

And THEN, if you live in a household like ours, you will need this article…

Frankly, I think colored pencils would be more palatable.

OK. That’s all we’ve got today. Have a terrific Tuesday!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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