Dietary Drama

Yo. Blog people. Elroy here for a change. That little shark likes to babble on, so I let him. At least it keeps him busy for a bit of time.

So what’s new with me? Besides being a water fetching wonder? Yeah. That’s me. WFW. Water fetching wonder. I like the sound of that. Not to mention the fact that when I go out in the water, the little shark mop can’t catch me. Yeah – the dude still likes to use those teeth. But don’t kid yourself – I try to hump the little mop any chance I get. And he returns the favor with hump attempts – or he bites me. Yup. I generally start the chaos- and he returns my advances with nibbles. Not full on bites. Just nibbles. Then I squeak. He stops. And I go back for more. It’s awesome.

So all was nirvana the last little while with regard to the “dietary world”. I was actually eating all my meals. Well- except for a short hunger protest when Aunt Sue left. I don’t deal with change well. Anyway, I’ve been back on my eating two square meals a day schedule. Blueberries are still 50-50. But I’ve always been that way with the blue orbs. I rarely refuse a meal but IF I’m ever going to skip one- it’s breakfast. Except Thursday. And that’s when the drama began. So I ate breakfast AND blueberries and all was perfect in the dietary world. But supper rolled around, and I said “nah.” Her Highness thought it a bit odd, but just picked up my bowl and figured I would dive into breakfast. But daybreak arrived yesterday, and I said “nah” again. Plus I didn’t want blueberries. Or bread. Or biscuits. BUT I did want to snack on grass on the lawn.

Well. Here’s the deal. Want to freak out your human? Refuse to eat. Squeak. (Like you always do anyway). And listen while your stomach roars like a lion because it’s empty. And look pathetic. Unless the mop comes around. Then look completely fine – and try to hump him.

Her Highness tried to feed me numerous items. And I did the clenched jaw thing where she can’t even pop a treat in my mouth. Futile.

She went out for a bit and I happily greeted her when she came home. I seemed FINE, otherwise but I was still practicing my fasting cleanse. Oh yeah – and pees and poops were fine.

Her Highness called Aunt Sue and said she was concerned. Aunt Sue said to just watch me. And give me another day. While Her Highness was talking to Aunt Sue, she got some tiny pieces of cheese from the fridge. She had sequestered the mops, and had nonchalantly come over to me with the cheese. I took a piece. She put Aunt Sue on speaker phone and told her what a good boy I was. I ate another piece. Aunt Sue told me how good I was. Do I have these women trained or what?! Not only did I continue to eat cheese (while being praised by both women) I ate a whole handful of freeze dried raw kibble. Of course I did. I was hungry. Her Highness was SO relieved. She didn’t need to take me to emergency. Wish you could see my eye roll.

Anyway, the little mop had class yesterday and when he got back, Her Highness announced that I was going on an outing. Ya shudda seen the looks on the faces on the mops. Me. The non-obedience dog going on an outing.

Turns out the Bluenose- the famous Canadian schooner on the back of the dime – (and which was built here in Nova Scotia before it sank) was coming to a little town in our “neighborhood”. Not the boat that sank. This is a replica. So it’s the Bluenose II. Clever.

Anyway, it was an afternoon of festivities including music and a BBQ. So guess who got to go. Yours truly because I’m the ambassador dog in the family. Yup. Slap a Nova Scotian tartan bandanna on me – and I’ll let anybody pet me. Seriously. The dog who has had no obedience classes can march through a crowd like I own the place. I’m calm. I’m cool. I’m sociable. Pretty much the antithesis of the mops. I even posed for some photos. Yawn.

Her Highness was so happy with my behavior and even more happy that when I got home, I ate ALL my supper. It doesn’t take much to make the woman happy. Eat, pee and poop.

Today the shark mop goes for some practice obedience match. Blah blah. So he can heel like a wind-up toy and do a down stay. BUT can he sit in front of the Bluenose surrounded by kids and even a dog or two? Doubtful. So who is the obedient one???? Plus I know how to get loads of attention. Don’t eat. How smart can you get?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Dietary Drama

  1. So glad you got to see the Bluenose Il today with the Warden. You better start eating though or you won’t grow up to be as smart as the rest of your family and that would be a real shame


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