Where’s Wojtek? Don’t even try to find him!

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. If you can’t find me in the above photo – it’s no wonder. Don’t look too long – it’s pretty much impossible. But I AM there. Read on to find out why this photo came about and some new things we learned about me this week…

So it’s been an interesting few days. We learned the following.

1. I’m a sensitive (rather stubborn) boy who doesn’t recover well when told “no.”

2. While I have always been a dog who stares at puddles and water, I’m not so keen about going in them.

3. I have changed my attitude about fast moving long-eared wildlife. In the past, I pretty much ignored them. Pretty much….

So we won’t rehash the whole woolie experience. I think I’d like to try it again sometime. In the meantime, the Warden will wave flags at me to get me used to them.

As for the water thing….yesterday, the Warden decided to take us to the lake again, and this time she took a favorite fetch toy and a really long line for the Coyote. All the way to the lake I kept trying to grab the toy. I LOVE fetch. Well. IMAGINE my shock when she got to the water’s edge and she hurled the thing INTO THE WATER! The Coyote leapt in and off he went. Remember- this is a dog who doesn’t play fetch on dry land. I watched with wide eyes as he grabbed the toy and began swimming for shore. With the Warden reeling him in. He dropped the toy on shore and shook himself off. I was in shock. He looked at the Warden and she asked if he wanted to go again. He jumped around in place. Again she hurled the toy. I started crying and racing along the shoreline. At one point I went to a spot where there were a lot of trees and branches and I slipped and found myself in the water. I raced out. Again the Coyote brought back the toy. This went on several times. With me crying and barking. The Warden tried to encourage me to go in – she even went in herself, but I was having no part of it. Much as I wanted that toy.

The Warden wanted to try to get me to go in- but she couldn’t wrangle me while holding onto the Coyote. Because if he’s let loose – he’s gone. All the time she’s begging me and holding onto him, the Boss is eating grass. She notices and yells at him to stop – because who likes grass puke? He takes off to find a spot out of sight to graze.

She decides she’ll take the Boss and Coyote back to the house and she’ll “work with me” alone. We race home – she puts them in the fenced yard, and I happily follow her back to the lake because she’s got the coveted fetch toy. When we get to the lake, she steps in – and encourages me to come in. It’s at this point that I realize her intentions. I back away from the shoreline. She steps out – and calls me in that fake “come here” voice that’s used when you’re about to be groomed or get a bath. I know that voice. I take off into the woods. If you can’t see me in the above photo – it’s because I am self-hidden. I’m really hard to spot. You can find the answer below. If it even helps. Anyway, after repeatedly trying to entice me by tossing the toy on the ground, she decided to give up. Just as she went to get the toy, I raced out of my hiding place, grabbed it and headed for home. Swimming lesson 1 – epic fail.

And now onto the wildlife….Later that day she took me and the Boss out for our nightly land fetch. The Coyote doesn’t participate- he only fetches in water. After a few fetches, we do some obedience training. While each of us works, the other guy is supposed to stay in a down stay and watch. I’m pretty good at this exercise. The Boss – not so much. He cheats. He gets up because he wants the treats. But like I said – I’m good at this…

So the Boss and the Warden were doing some heel work and they were trotting toward me, when the Warden noticed me suddenly put my head up- and I was looking up the luge run driveway. She turned to see what I was looking at and spotted a bunny – and before she could say “nooooo” – I was off. With the Boss behind me. The bunny ran around a large garden bed- and the Warden saw him sitting there, while we were on the other side. “Go bunny” she shouted- just as I came around the bed. He’s still a bit faster than me – and off into the woods he went with me in pursuit. The Boss plays for a bit – but doesn’t want sticks in his coat so he doesn’t go in the woods. The Warden could hear us in the woods – just as the bunny popped out and raced across the lawn. Followed 15 seconds later by yours truly. “ENOUGH” the Warden shouted. So I reluctantly returned to my “stay” position. And she and the Boss carried on their training. Well. It wasn’t 10 minutes later – and GUESS who came back?! I think he likes me. And we had a repeat performance of our previous chase. I still didn’t catch him. He just needs to get a flag….

Oh – here’s the photo which shows where I am during my swimming lesson. You can just barely see the bridge of my muzzle and my white hair. The Warden took this from in the water. Better her than me.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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