Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here for your reading pleasure on this the 5th of July. And according to the calendar which features unusual historical tidbits, on this day in 1994, a gentleman by the name of Jeff Bezos founded a little company, known as Amazon. He reportedly chose the name because it was at the beginning of the alphabet. If that was the case, one would think the company would have been called Aardvark. No doubt, as some resources say, he also considered the river by the same name. I suppose that makes sense.

Regardless of its beginnings, the company offers a huge on-line marketplace. Need an item? Check Amazon. Except for non-aquarium pets. Dogs, cats, snakes etc cannot be sold. Thank goodness. You can though, buy aquarium pets like fish, snails and shrimp. None of whom require daily walks.

The following is a list of “cute” dog products featured in the Country Living magazine which are sold on Amazon:

Personally, I thought there was an over abundance in this article of attire related items. I am here to pronounce I do not wish to wear pajamas, nor do I wish to look like a cow or Chewbacca. We would quickly put an end to most of the toys. The Avocado Toast would be toast. And the corn cob would quickly be kernel-less. This is coming from someone who actually ate a REAL corn cob and lived to tell the tale. After a veterinary visit.

There also seems to be a huge assortment of beds. When one is allowed to sleep on a human bed – like myself, why get a “pet bed.” The Imp still prefers to sleep UNDER his pet bed.

We already have neon light-up harnesses – so no need for the collars.

Now the one item that DID catch my eye was the treat maker. That has potential for Santa’s requisition list.

Meanwhile, yesterday we all took a little walk to the lake- and Her Highness encouraged the FG to go for his first swim of the season. That lad is….something else. But just what he is, I don’t know. She showed him a stick and threw it into the water. He jumped in – and although the stick was right in front of him, he couldn’t find it. She reeled him back in, as he was on a line. Meanwhile, the Imp was going MAD. He has never seen the FG swim- and he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to go in. He didn’t want to go in. He ran along the shoreline watching. He put a foot in. He jumped back. Her Highness threw another stick for the FG – which he watched, and yet again could not find. I believe he was looking for the bumper she usually throws in. He could not grasp the stick concept – despite the fact that he is known to carry sticks he finds on the trail. Her Highness reeled him back in. This time she held him- shook the stick in front of him, tossed it making sure he saw it and let him go. And go he did – pulling her face first into the water and onto her knees. Thankfully, she landed in a rather precarious pose with her derrière out of the water. The pose was lucky because her phone was in her back pocket. She tossed it onto the shore and got herself up – her rubber boots full of water. I just watched with mild delight. And the FG retrieved the stick. Finally. The Imp still could not be convinced to go in. Perhaps today. But you can definitely count yours truly out. No. Thank. You.

Time for our early morning constitutionals before it gets too warm. And then perhaps some Amazon shopping as I do believe they carry dog treats. And food. Those are categories where I can likely find some appropriate purchases. And perhaps some new floaty fetch toys for the FG….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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