“Holey” terrors

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here on what is forecast to be a sunny Thursday. Good times! Despite the fact that, rumor has it, it might be a mowing day. Ho hum. The woman in the bug suit will be out huffing and puffing as her three supervisors inspect her work from the comfort of the deck.

What’s new around here? Everyone is feeling fine – no more random urky gurkies. The Coyote ate all his meals and he’s back on blueberries again. Darn- fewer for yours truly.

What’s in the news? And I mean GOOD news. I skip sad stories – those are sometimes too plentiful and easy to find. I like to dog around for a treasure. Just like the story of this guy:


I knew those dogs hunted for truffles, which is pretty lucrative- but that guy REALLY found a jackpot! That’s what the Coyote and I are doing in the backyard- digging for treasure. We call ourselves the Holey Terrors. Get it? The Warden doesn’t know what to do about the land mines we have created. She said they are worse than the holes that the moles dug a few years ago. Wonder whatever happened to them…

As for The Warden’s dilemma – she thinks if she fills the holes with soil, we’ll just dig them out again. BINGO – we will. If she fills them with big rocks, it makes lawn mowing that much more “enjoyable”. It’s right up there with cleaning grout. The Warden was secretly hoping the mower might have had a heart attack over the winter so she could justify getting a new one. This mower runs on gas but is NOT self-propelled. Must have been one of those end-of-season bargain mowers that was a steal. It was a steal because nobody in their right mind would buy one for a lawn larger than a bathroom. But the Warden did. And the work horse started on the second pull of the ripcord this season. Besides – why buy a new one – that money is better spent on bully sticks which we can enjoy while supervising.

Tomorrow I have class. I like to go to see my peeups. That’s peeps and pups combined. We all get along great. Plus the treats are good. If you’re not on Facebook, you might not have seen this photo taken by one of our peeups of me and the Warden last week.

Don’t I look adorable. I am looking so lovingly at the Warden. Stars and rainbows in my eyes. Showing that expression that screams “I love you.” Truth: I knew she had treats in her hand.

Aren’t I funny?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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