Urky gurkies

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a terrific Tuesday. After a slightly worrisome weekend…

Before I begin, I need to emphasize that everyone is fine. OK, maybe the Warden’s blood pressure is up a few notches, but we canines appear to be in good shape.

It all began with some urky gurkies which the Boss had the other morning. He seemed fine, had loads of energy on his walk, but before he had breakfast he threw up some bile. First thing in the morning. Empty stomach. Blech. But he was fine otherwise, had P3 (picture perfect poop) and wolfed his breakfast as usual.

In the meantime, the Coyote seemed fine and ate all his breakfast. Which can sometimes be a 50-50 shot.

And me? Vacuum dog. Feel free fine.

Anyway, about an hour after breakfast, the Warden announced that it was grooming time for the Boss. He knew what was about to happen, so he hightailed it out the deck door. She went to get the instruments of torture ready in the grooming torture palace aka garage and then called the Boss. He didn’t come. So she looked outside and saw him eating something on the lawn. As fast as he could. The Coyote was also examining something in the lawn, while yours truly was in the house. The Warden ran down onto the lawn to see what the Boss was scarfing down – and realized SOMEONE had barfed. We dogs are helpful cleaners and we also believe in recycling – so when someone barfs there is no need to worry about a mess. It’s gone in seconds. Of course, though, humans have a different view of bodily functions, and she immediately started shouting “no!!!” By this point, most the clean up was done.

But now the question- who did it? The obvious suspect was the Boss, since he had the urky gurkies earlier. So he was on health watch all day. But he seemed fine. Perky, happy, hungry…. Still – she figured it was him and she was a bit concerned. Never ask Mr Googly about dog vomit. You get WAY too much information- most of which will totally stress you out. But, despite the worry, the day passed with no other problems. Until about an hour after supper….

The Warden was in the other room and she heard the telltale scurrying of feet – which either signals wildlife in the yard, a home delivery – or something else. She ran in – and there was the Boss – again enjoying a recycled treat. BUT- this time the Warden identified the pukee. It was the Coyote. How did she know? Kibble size. She had given the Boss a different food and it was teeny weeny kibbles. These were big kibbles. Meanwhile, the poor Coyote proceeded to provide another small sample – just to confirm her diagnosis.

Now he seemed fine otherwise, and was quite happy to have a treat. Or two. But of course, she kept an eye on him and slept with one eye open, keeping him in check all night.

Nothing can drive humans who are owned by dogs more crazy than poop or puke problems. It’s a sure fire way to make them bonkers.

Anyway- the good news – yesterday the Coyote was fine. All meals stayed where they were supposed to stay (he ate everything) and he had P3. Why did it happen? Maybe too much birthday excitement? That’s my diagnosis. Who knows. And as for the Boss – no urky gurkies for him either yesterday. So all was right with the world.

Picture perfect poop and no puke is a beautiful thing. Oh how you humans worry….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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