Yo. Blog people. Elroy here to report on the birthday gig thing. I think the title, although true, might be what they call clickbait. But hey – I don’t write as often as the Imp, so I’m entitled.

So yeah, I was mauled. When I went out on my birthday shopping trip. First stop – the pet store – to collect my free birthday biscuits. For some reason (probably because of my unique surfer dude shaggy laid back appearance), I attracted staff like dog noses to a fire hydrant at the start of a dog walking trail. They were my adoring fans, and frankly, one in particular mauled me. She kept petting me and hugging me and plying me with treats (which I surprisingly took). Her Highness watched to make sure I was comfortable with the mauling – but hey – I love attention. Unlike the Imp, who doesn’t exactly demonstrate my overly friendly demeanor. At least not until he gets to know someone.

Next stop – the home supply store – Canadian Tire. Yeah – for those reading who are not from Canada – the name doesn’t really represent what they sell. Suuuuure – they sell tires. But LOTS more things as well. Including dog stuff. Go figure.

I walked into the place like I owned it. Me. The guy who didn’t go to obedience classes, walked in on a loose leash and sat whenever Her Highness told me to. OK, maybe she DID have to say it more than once, but I DID sit. OR if she asked me to lie down while she was looking at something, I complied. I was quick to hit the nice cool tile floor. While we were waiting in the lineup to pay, she would move forward and get me to lie down. I was perfect. And while she was working the self checkout, I was right at her feet- just watching all the people walking around me. Seriously- I was the classic example of what a well-behaved dog should be in public. Me. The guy who never responds to his name, and who is the biggest flight risk on the planet. Take me shopping, and I’m a gem. I have found my calling. Shopping Assistant Dog.

After the Tire place we hit another pet store. This one included two wild Boston Terrier shoppers, one of whom was wearing a cone of shame. We steered clear of them. This store sold fish – and I found the aquariums rather interesting- but Her Highness said no fish – despite my pleading look. Her Highness didn’t really NEED anything at this store – but we did do some Kong comparison shopping for the mops.

After that we headed home where the very jealous Imp, had to sniff me all over to see if I had met canine friends or if I was carrying hidden treats. Neither of which were true.

I did share birthday biscuits with the mops – the same ones that the Imp got on his birthday. And for supper, we were all treated to a food topping thing – which I quite enjoyed.

So the birthday gig was good. Except for the hat part, which thankfully only lasted like 2 minutes. I got over it.

Today the weather forecast is calling for rain – so Her Highness mentioned something about wallpaper. Not quite sure how that would work if we’re not sequestered outside. Could be entertaining.

On the other hand – it could be another shopping day. I THINK we might need more dog food from yet another pet store. If that’s the case – count me in.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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