Birthday 6.0

Hey blog people. It’s Elroy here. On my special day. It’s my 6th birthday. So I get to wear a birthday hat. As you can see, I’m thrilled.

Yup, another trip around the sun. That translates to 365 morning walks, 365 days of guard duty – protecting our household from birds, blowing leaves and dandelion fluff in the air, and at least 730 biscuits. Not that I necessarily ate every one.

In the past year I have become quite attached to the Imp. As soon as he finishes his Kong (after breakfast) , I am ready to begin our wrestling match. I still do not understand why the mops enjoy chewing on rubber hunks to obtain a few pieces of kibble and frozen yogurt. No thank you. Too much work, and I still feel, overall, that food is overrated.

Anyway, when I attempt to initiate wrestling immediately after breakfast, I am discouraged from doing so by Her Highness. Some nonsense about allowing our food to settle. When that happens, I simply begin to squeak. Non-stop. In a high-pitched un-oiled door kind of manner. What’s cool is that I’m like a ventriloquist- I never move my mouth and keep my jaw clenched. I do it until Her Highness can no longer stand the irritating sound – and she finally lets us out to roll, hump and run. Good times.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when Her Highness takes me down to the lake – all by myself. It can be rather peaceful without the Imp running and slamming himself into yours truly, who is always on leash. Speaking of on leash- this past year I only had one or two escapes – one of which was caught on the neighbors’ security camera. Remind me that if I escape in the future, don’t go to their yard.

But back to my morning lake walk. Her Highness and I go down and we just watch for loons. Or geese. Or any other wildlife. It’s usually so calm and relaxing, if one can ignore the non-stop distant sound of Einstein shouting that we had better hurry up, because he is STARVING for his breakfast.

I had a quiet year. Unfortunately no sheep herding lessons were available with the plague. Although Her Highness suspects that our teacher may have felt a Picard was not really in her “wheelhouse.” Picards are not border collies. We did find another trainer, but she has been out of commission for a bit due to a health issue. We’re hopeful that perhaps this year will be my sheep year. Or not. I’m fine with whatever.

I understand I may be going to the pet store today to get my free birthday biscuits. I suppose I’ll have to eat one- to be polite. Mind you – it IS MY day, so I should be able to do whatever I like. Which includes biscuit spitting.

Here are some of the obligatory photos taken of yours truly over the past year. I’m not big on looking at the camera – so you have NO idea what is involved in getting many of these shots. Many a rock, stick and toy was thrown to get my attention for many of these shots. I should qualify – the items were not thrown AT me. Although, no doubt Her Highness has probably thought about it.

Let the wresting begin!
My favorite pose…
Cool. Me. In the woods. Looking all free and wild. Cleverly tied to a tree…
“And then she said, who’s a good boy?” what a hysterical joke!
My sentiments about holiday dress up
My second favorite human on the planet – Aunt Sue.
It’s tooooo tight….
Taken yesterday.

Time to get this birthday thing rolling.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “Birthday 6.0

  1. Omg! Is he 6 already?

    Cute cute cute!

    May I repost your “angels we could hug” photo/quote? It’s wonderful.

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