Howdy blogaroos. Happy camel day. Better known as hump day.

Had a couple of good days of GBH. And the tracksuit is keeping me stick and branch free. My feet sometimes still get dirty, but it just means a quick rinse in the dog tub. Usually…

So the other day, I came home with brown feet, prompting a quick ped-a-poo. That’s a foot shampoo. The Warden just dried my feet with a towel, and a quick blast from the jet engine dryer. I looked splendid for my breakfast dining – white fuzzy feet and a bramble-free coat. Stunning. Just after the Warden was finishing her breakfast, a friend called to chat. She moved into the DFZ to relax on the sofa. Meanwhile, the deck door was open, giving us canines free access to the backyard. Where unbeknownst to the Warden, the Coyote and I have begun yet another excavation project. We’re having a hard time deciding where we want the fish ponds, so we just keep digging in different areas. Our attempts look like the craters on the moon.

Anyway, we didn’t work very long, when I decided to go in the house to see if the Warden was off the phone. She took one look at me, and groaned.

She excused herself from the phone call, and whisked me back into the garage for Round 2. She rinsed my feet in the tub and plopped me onto the grooming table. It was obvious that not only had I been doing excavation work, but I had been practicing my gymnastics tumble routine as well. My coat had bits of leaves and grass, and a weird golf ball sized clump of hair on my back. She figured my hair was just wet from the morning dew, and she went to separate the clump. And what did she find stuck in my hair? A SLUG! Eeeeeewwwww. Talk about gross. She figured the slug was minding his own business on the lawn, when yours truly rolled on him. That’s almost worse than rolling in bunny or pheasant poo. Eeeeeewwww.

Anyway after much eeeeeewwwing and a wad of paper towel to remove the vagabond, I got some spritzing and brushing, and I again looked fabulous. When we came in from the grooming torture palace, she shut the deck door. Free access to the moonscape was over – for the morning anyway.

That’s the news from here. Oh – we’re getting the house ready for the big party. SOMEbody has a birthday coming up on Friday….All I can say is that he better share any biscuits he gets…stay tuned.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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