World Fiddle Day

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a super Saturday. Sunshine, greening leaves and black flies. Spring IS here.

So according to the crazy calendar, today is something called World Fiddle Day. A day to celebrate a musical instrument that is very popular here in Nova Scotia.

But before we get to that kind of fiddle, did you know that for us dogs, the word fiddle has a different meaning? Did you know that with us canines that fiddle behaviors are things that we do when we’re anxious, or we’re “collecting information from the environment as to how we should behave to stay safe.” For example, we might pant – even though we’re not hot. Here’s a good chart of fiddle behaviors:

Now all of the things listed are normal things that we dogs do – I mean who doesn’t yawn if they’re tired? But it’s when these things occur out of context that they are considered fiddle behaviors.

Here are a few articles that go into this topic in a bit more detail;

The key is to be a good observer – and to not ignore these behaviors in your dog.

On a less serious note, and in keeping with the fiddle topic, I found a dog who fiddles a real fiddle! Check him out!

I want a drum set. More my style. Can you imagine…

And lastly, as a Nova Scotian, I would probably be deported if I didn’t give you a sampling of some fiddle music by the Queen of Nova Scotia fiddling – Natalie MacMaster. Natalie is Nova Scotia born and raised and is amazingly talented. So – Natalie went and married a King of Ontario fiddling – Donnell Leahy. If you have some time and want to hear some interesting info about fiddling in Canada – you can listen to their TED talk from 2003. You also get a pretty good idea of how talented this couple is:

Well that was 2003. Today the couple has 7 children. And guess what? All of them play the fiddle! I think it’s called genetics. Here are 5 of them from a few years ago….

Those kids have almost as much energy as I do. Almost.

OK. Enough fiddling around. Time to walk and roll.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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