Citizen Scientist

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. Just watchin’ the bunnies bouncing and the leaves popping. Spring is in the air!

And with Spring comes more golfers. Which means I’m extra busy hunting for balls. Boy oh boy- some of these people sure need lessons. I’m finding balls WAY off in the woods. It’s kinda hard to picture how some of these shots end up where they do! There are so many balls in the woods The Warden only allows me to hunt on like 2 or 3 holes. I run like crazy, and she basically stands around waiting for me. She has to put me on a leash because I won’t stop!

Not much new here, so I resorted to looking at the news. And that set off a whole chain of things..

Here’s some news about a study that says our type of breed only accounts for like less than 10% of our behavior. Although genetics do play a role in about 50% of behaviors. I think that’s how I understood it. Kind of interesting research. They still have lots more to do. Give it a listen:

I like the idea of Citizen Scientists. Now of course surveys aren’t always perfect – but they are an interesting way to gather lots of data. So of course, after we saw this, the Warden HAD to go and register. It’s free. And you get to answer a bunch of questions about us canines. Now as I said, surveys DO have their weak points- and sometimes she came to a question where her answer was “it depends.” But that wasn’t an option. But still – many were spot on. Like asking questions about Frodo and food. Those were simple!

Plus a question about how often I enjoy life- she answered ALWAYS!

There are 25 surveys that you can complete about your dog. The surveys are short and simple. And just think how you can be contributing to canine research. Check it out:

Back to school tomorrow. I’ve been doing my homework, but anything can happen when I get to class. Plus I wonder if I get extra credit because I’ve been doing my science homework too…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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