Howdy blogaroos! I hope you are having a sensational Saturday! The forecast here is sunshine, so we are expecting a perfectly perfect day!

So what’s new here? Well- the Boss decided to test out that new blood pressure medication that the Warden is on. He wanted to see if it really works.

It was two days ago- and it started bright and early. In our usual routine, when we first get up, before our morning walks, we go out the back door onto the deck, and then down the steps to have a quick pee. Yours truly usually grabs a toy to take out, the Coyote also runs out, and the Boss must be convinced that he actually needs to pee. If the Warden goes down the steps, he’ll go. Otherwise he stands and barks at her – shouting that he doesn’t need to go. Anyway, the Warden told him to go down, he started down, she walked away from the steps and she heard a clunk. She walked over to see what happened and when she looked down on the lawn, he was having a pee, and all seemed fine. Until he came back in the house and he was holding his front paw like it was broken. She felt it and he seemed OK, but he didn’t want to step on it. So needless to say, no long walk for gimpy.

Now once upon a time, the Warden would have whisked him in the car to the Vet. But – the more dogs you have owned, the better you are at assessing the need for urgent care. She also considered the fact that the Boss is a drama king. By the end of the day, he was using his leg, with a limp. By the next morning, the limp was barely visible. And by last night he looked completely fine. She knew from the moment he came in the door that if it had been really serious, he would have been QUITE vocal if he was in real pain. I mean think of the guy when he’s being groomed.

Anyway, it all ended fine, but was enough to send her blood pressure into the red zone. She has canine induced hypertension.

Hey – so I read that there’s a new dog related Guinness World record. A two year old Great Dane by the name Zeus, just won the record for tallest living dog on the planet. He’s 3 feet 5.18 inches tall. Get this – he eats 12 cups of dog food each day. A PON dream come true. But something tells me I’d be 3 feet wide, rather than tall if I ate that much. The record for the tallest dog ever was another Great Dane, who also happened to be named Zeus (go figure) and he was 3 feet 10 inches tall. We’d have to get a bigger car.

Plus in keeping with the Great Dane theme, coincidentally (I think ) – a new cartoon was added on Netflix yesterday. It’s called Marmaduke, and if you need a little chuckle, check out the trailer:

Looks like a pretty typical dog-show-badly-behaving-big-eating- farting dog movie. A theme many people can relate to – no matter what breed they own.

I went to class yesterday, and my performance was average. Passing, but average. There was a new dog in class, so my head was rattled. So many questions in my mind. Who was he? Where was he from? How old was he? What did his pee smell like? How could I perform while all that was rolling through my brain?

I did have some moments of brilliance, like with my stand for exam, which was great. On the other paw, my sit stay and down stay involved a great deal of unwanted floor sniffing. And I kept staring at the newcomer, which is not the preferred behavior. I was just trying to see what kind of collar he was wearing. It looked nice. More “stay” homework this week. Yawn.

OK. Almost golf ball hunting time. Have a super Saturday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Your daily updates bring a smile to me each day. Thanks much. I t makes me feel my PONs are not that much over the top. THANK YOU FOR THAT !!


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