Guard dog duties

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on a terrific Tuesday. No rain in the forecast, and life is looking good. Better than the weekend.

So on Saturday, we had some “construction” at our house. We have this tiny bathroom- the one that also includes the washer and dryer- and there were some issues with the toilet. Not that we dogs cared – but it is a dilemma for two-leggeds. It seems water was following down the side of the tank – from this thingy that was making it splash out from the top of the tank. The Warden tried her best “shake-it-and-that-might-fix-it routine, but the water kept splashing and flowing like Niagara Falls. OK – a miniature Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, the sink was working fine – BUT it had no vanity, and no storage for stuff like laundry detergent. Or dog toys. And when I say dog toys I’m referring to rolls of toilet paper. Not exactly an earth shattering problem (like running out of dog biscuits) but still the room was kinda “tired” as the Warden would say. Beats me how a toilet can be tired.

Anyway, the Warden decided out with the old – and in with some new stuff. So she went to the store, and with the help of a friend (who has a truck) they brought home a toilet and sink with vanity. Now for about 20 minutes the Warden watched YouTube videos about toilet and sink installation- and wisely decided that she would leave the job to a professional plumber. Good decision. Better than her electrical socket changing fiasco which resulted in blowing out the motor on a fancy dog dryer. But that’s another story.

So on Saturday, a very nice plumber arrived to do the work. We dogs could not be sequestered outside, because it was raining. So – the Boss and the Coyote were blocked off in the bedroom with a gate, and yours truly was in the jumbo crate in the dining area.

Of course when he arrived, we all shouted out our joyous welcome. The Boss and Coyote desperately wanted to say hello. And despite their barking, they genuinely ARE happy to meet people. Especially the Coyote. But who does he encounter first? Yours truly who is in the pony sized crate. He politely stooped down and said a gentle hello. I took one look and immediately felt it was necessary to show him my very best Cujo impression. He quickly stood up straight. The Warden gave me the stink eye and said “oh he’s just a little shy – he’s a pandemic puppy.” As he walked away, she gave me a double stink eye.

While he worked, the other guys quieted down pretty quickly, but yours truly felt it necessary to grumble and occasionally left out a boof if he walked by. My boof was quickly given a “knock it off” by the Warden.

Here’s the deal – I’m not sure about the details of guard dog duties. How am I supposed to know who is friend and who is foe? OK – I guess since the Warden let him in I could assume he was friend. But I just wanted him to know that behind this adorable shaggy exterior lies a serious guard dog. Well maybe not THAT serious if he had brought treats.

Anyway, the new toilet and sink are installed. Now the Warden is waiting for some wallpaper to arrive for that room too. She has already announced that when the wallpapering adventure begins – NONE of us will be allowed near that room. Picture us with peel and stick wallpaper. I’m seeing a brilliant viral video. The Warden doesn’t even think that idea is the least bit amusing.

Time to live and love a Tuesday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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