Happy Sunday blogaroos. Squirmy here for your entertainment today. Do you know what day it is? Why it’s National Hug Your Dog Day. But WAIT! Before you begin putting a bear hug on your canine kid, you might want to read the following:

Yeah- not all of us canines like hugs. I’m OK with it. But obviously only hugs from the Warden. The Boss is OK, but he’s not a super huggy kinda guy. And again – only with the Warden. The Coyote doesn’t mind hugging at all. And honestly, probably anybody could hug him. He’s so often paying attention to something else, he probably wouldn’t notice someone hugging him.

I had class on Friday and I was OK. Didn’t bark at, bite or ricochet off anyone- canine or human so that’s always a good thing. I even stood still for the “stand for exam” exercise- and let another human pat me on the head. Three times. First time I never moved my feet. It may not sound like a big deal – but trust me – it is.

Today the Warden is getting together with some of her dog show peeps, and I’m going along. Apparently we are going to practice beauty pageant stuff. I haven’t done that stuff in a LONG time. We’ll see if all my obedience training carries over to beauty pageant stuff. In theory, it’s easier because you basically run around a ring and stand for treats. You also need to let a judge examine you. The Warden said that in my case, the exam should include a psychological test. She thinks she’s funny. We’ll see how this goes…

What else… Oh. The Boss is currently suffering from a goopy ear – thanks to yours truly. I just cannot resist licking his ears. Well- one in particular. So then it gets all goopy and red and he scratches it and makes it worse and the Warden has to clean it out and put in drops while wrestling with him while he’s acting like a caffeinated eel. I know. I know. I shouldn’t lick his ears. But I actually don’t limit my licking to his ears. I do his whole head. I consider my actions a sign of respect. The Warden says I’m a pest. She needs to lighten up. Says the guy who doesn’t need to put ear drops in a wild animal…

OK. Time to get some brushing before we head to beauty pageant practice. All I care about is that she brings good treats.

Oh – and go hug your dog. If your dog wants you to. If not, treats are always appreciated….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Farts and stuff

Hi blogaroos! Squirmy here on another fabulous Friday. Friday is my favorite day of the week because I go to school on Fridays. And that means treat-a-thon for an hour. Yee haw. When we practice at home, we do short little lessons of 20 minutes. Sometimes more than once a day. Well…actually the Warden asks me to do stuff all day long, like sit stays while waiting for a meal, recalls outside and even some heelwork while out on our constitutionals. But I do enjoy our concentrated class time. Plus we learn new stuff each week.

And speaking of learning things, the Warden took a little video yesterday to show you my hunting skills. Keep in mind that I wasn’t taught this – I picked it up on my own. And when I come back from the hunt, I sit and get a bunch of treats. Is it any wonder I love this game? You won’t be able to see me at first – but you’ll be able to hear me – my cow bell gives me away. I’m busy sniffing around. You’ll also hear another noise – the Warden accidentally dropped the bag of 8 balls I had already found.

Now that the course is open for the season, there are LOTS of balls in the woods. The Warden has to keep me on leash for at least half of our walk, because I keep running back into the woods to find more balls! Did I mention that I LOVE this game!

Hey – do you know what “holiday” it is today? Why it’s Dog Farting Awareness Day. Like you’re not aware of the problem when it happens. Anyway, we decided not to share any farting dog videos, but rather a more informative video about how to treat this problem if it frequently happens with your dog.

So stay out of the beans and lentils today and eat your meals slowly. And no eating rotten garbage. Unless you prefer your time alone.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here on a wonderful Wednesday. Our snow has melted, and I am able to return to my pond building excavation work in the back lawn. The craters I have created with my construction colleague, the Coyote, are looking terrific. In addition, we are surrounded, while we work, by all the toys and bones we haven’t seen since winter snows covered all of them. There are toys out there I didn’t even recall owning! It’s like Christmas all over again.

Things were pretty quiet on the snowy Monday, and not much new yesterday either. So I decided to check out the latest dog news…

Our first story is about a cool dog named Parks – who got himself a job working at a hospital in Florida. Here’s his story:

Now there’s a dog I admire. Look at the great job he does working with kids. Unfortunately, not a job I could do- especially given that I don’t like people patting my head. And the fact that ricocheting off children is probably not advisable.

Now here’s a quick video of another dog with a job. He is working in Ukraine. Sniffing out mines….

Now THAT’S another admirable job. Given my great olfactory abilities at sniffing out golf balls, I bet I could find mines. But I don’t want to. One wrong step and you end up flying sky high like Toto but I’m not sure you end up in Oz. I think I’ll pass. But I salute the dogs who do this work.

This next story is about dogs and our facial expressions and how we communicate:

Interesting stuff, but there are some parts that are incorrect. They say that dogs bark to be playful, to protect their territory and to warn of intruders. They say the wolves howl and do it to communicate with one another. Well, I’d like to add a few comments here. We ALSO bark because we want to be fed. Quickly. We bark if we are bored. We bark when going out. We bark when we want a treat. We bark in training when the two-legged is doing something wrong. We bark at random birds, falling leaves and sometimes just because we want to. We also DO communicate with each other by barking – it’s not just wolves who do that. We frequently bark across acres at our neighbor Max, just to say hello. We can’t SEE him, but we hear him and the conversation begins. It’s typically the Boss and I who are the chatty ones. The Coyote prefers to bark at nothing. At least nothing we can see. He loves to do that at night…

So that’s it from the dogs news world. Sure there are some not good dog news stories out there – but you didn’t come here to be depressed. Mind you, I suppose a mine finding dog is kinda depressing- but admirable at the same time. Anyway we leave the really heavy stories to FOX or CNN. PNN or the PON News Network tries to share good news – so you can use your facial muscles to smile!

OK – time to go goose hunting.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Look how cute!!!

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here with a photo of our new puppy!!!!!! How cute is she?! The Warden went to meet her yesterday!!!! OK. I can’t do this. Today is Tell a Lie Day – even though I thought that was April 1st. Anyway, despite the fact that the Warden, DID go to visit some adorable Berner babies at Glenda’s, she didn’t bring any home. And she isn’t – one more four legged being in this house and that would be the end of her. So no new sibling. But she DID bring home puppy scent, and we practically inhaled the pants off her when she got home.

What else is new – besides the fact that we are getting snow today. I wish I was telling a lie about that – but no- it’s a good thing the Warden didn’t take off her snow tires or put away the shovels just yet.

What else…Oh – I did some socializing on Saturday. I went to two pet stores and a book store. The Warden wanted to do some obedience work with me, but it was tricky because so many people wanted to touch the cute shaggy untouchable dog. Yeah – I’m fine with people – just don’t pat me on the head. I duck. Treats? I’ll take ‘em. But I have to really know someone to let them pat my head. I’m a pat aversive pandemic PON pup- a PAPPP. I’m not overly shy or nervous – I march into a place like I own it. Do I care if there are people around me? Nah. I sit calmly at the counter while the Warden is paying for something, and I couldn’t care less who is waiting behind me, or walking around me. I’ll even put my paws on the counter to check out the clerk. But do I want someone to pat me on the head? No. Who do they think I am? A dog? Oh wait – never mind. Anyway, I had a great time with all the treats I got- and visits to the pet store are like heaven . The only challenge was getting me to sit still in front of the counter at the one pet store where they had a shelf – full of bully sticks right there. The Warden even joked with the clerk “not the best place to put those bully sticks.” The clerk didn’t respond. She just smirked. Good thing SHE didn’t try to pat my head.

Anyway, I did do some quick sit and down stays and a little bit of heelwork down a couple of aisles. I get lots of treats – so it’s quite fun. The Warden said we need to do it more often. Not today though – as I said it’s going to snow all day- so we’ll be sequestered. The Warden better have some games ready. If she would have just brought that puppy home, I’d have someone who really likes to play….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here for your reading pleasure on this, the 2nd of April. April. The month that is associated with the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” To which I would add: “and one cranky PON.” I detest rain. In all its forms. Shower, drizzle, mist, downpour – they are all equivalent in my opinion. They are all wet. I do look forward to the May flowers though.

Today I have a rather long tale for you….Regular readers know that both PONs and Picards can be very determined when they get an idea in their heads. But I would like to point out that humans can be the same….

Several weeks ago, Her Highness received an email bulletin from the Canadian Kennel Club announcing a new award/title. It is called a versatility award, and it is given to a dog who has obtained titles in three or more areas. She immediately took out her calculator to count the titles I have obtained. I say that in jest. It included a Championship (the beauty pageant award), a novice obedience title, and essentially 3 Rally titles to date – Novice, Advanced and Excellent. Not exactly calculator worthy. Her Highness thought that because I had three titles, I might be eligible for a versatility award. Alas – while I do have at least 3 titles, each one must be in a different “category” and unfortunately, rally and obedience are in the same category. Her hopes were dashed. I didn’t particularly care – unless the award came with biscuits. Still – she felt I SHOULD be a a versatility dog. Just because. So she began looking at other categories- to see if I might obtain a title that wouldn’t take years to obtain – given that I am 12.2 years old. So we went through options…agility. A bit much for an old fella, although to see me you wouldn’t guess my age. But still – repetitive jumps might be too challenging.

Chase ability? If there were puddles on the field I wouldn’t want to run through them. Not my thing.

Novice Draft Dog? Her Highness failed more draft tests with Harper, the Bernese than probably anyone in the record books. You see- when a dog is pulling a cart (at least in Canadian tests) they are not allowed to sit. Do you know how many times dear Harper – who was an excellent draft dog and who followed directions quite well, would sit (given his obedience training) and it was game over. And it was Her Highness who inadvertently gave him a signal to sit. They did finally pass- thank heavens. But me pull a 40lb load. No thank you. I’m no Bernese. And did I mention I’m 12.2?

Pointing Water Dog? I’m not sure my breed would even be eligible to compete. Besides, me- near water? Forget it. If that’s what the test entails. I do know it’s in the same class as a Working certificate- which Her Highness obtained with Beamish – the Labrador. It involves retrieving ducks on land and in the water. I’m a fabulous retriever, but swimming out to retrieve a duck? Shoot me now.

Another category included Lure Coursing – which Sight hounds are known for. Again we get into wet fields. Horrors.

Now also in that category is Scent Detection Instinct. I could possibly do something like that. But I’m not sure how long it would take. And whether the tests are frequently offered.

Barn hunt? The Coyote tried that. I could possibly do that – but I believe tests are few and far between.

Dock diving? Are you laughing as hard as me?

Tracking is up there with Scent Detection. A possibility.

There are loads of other titles you can get with your dog. Since I failed the herding instinct test – that wouldn’t be a possibility for me.

But just as she was about to give up the idea – she spotted another title. A Trick Dog title. Now THAT was a possibility. She read all about it – and she had some friends who obtained titles during the pandemic lockdown. In fact there are several levels of Trick Dog titles. And the best part? You can be tested by an examiner. OR- you can videotape the designated tricks and email them to an examiner. BINGO!

The next day, she announced we had work to do. She went downstairs in the rec room and moved the furniture around. She set up her phone on a stand, had my list of tricks and the camera was rolling. We had to do a few second takes- only because the videographer didn’t set the camera angle correctly. We did all the required tricks and she reviewed the footage. It was at that point that she realized we did all the tricks with her wearing her big fuzzy slippers. Oh so fashionable. She looked at me and said “so what.” I agreed. And she filled out the paperwork, paid the fee and sent my Academy Award winning performance to the examiner. Within 24 hours we had the word – I passed! And yesterday….this arrived…

So once that was complete – she sent in my results to the CKC – and according to the website, I now have Versatility Novice title! Not bad for an old guy!

Now according to the algorithms for Versatility tiles, I actually only need one more title to obtain my Versatility Advanced title. Look out Scent Detection peeps – I may be joining your training group. If I can find one. It’s either that, or sled dog.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.