Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here on a wonderful Wednesday. Our snow has melted, and I am able to return to my pond building excavation work in the back lawn. The craters I have created with my construction colleague, the Coyote, are looking terrific. In addition, we are surrounded, while we work, by all the toys and bones we haven’t seen since winter snows covered all of them. There are toys out there I didn’t even recall owning! It’s like Christmas all over again.

Things were pretty quiet on the snowy Monday, and not much new yesterday either. So I decided to check out the latest dog news…

Our first story is about a cool dog named Parks – who got himself a job working at a hospital in Florida. Here’s his story:

Now there’s a dog I admire. Look at the great job he does working with kids. Unfortunately, not a job I could do- especially given that I don’t like people patting my head. And the fact that ricocheting off children is probably not advisable.

Now here’s a quick video of another dog with a job. He is working in Ukraine. Sniffing out mines….

Now THAT’S another admirable job. Given my great olfactory abilities at sniffing out golf balls, I bet I could find mines. But I don’t want to. One wrong step and you end up flying sky high like Toto but I’m not sure you end up in Oz. I think I’ll pass. But I salute the dogs who do this work.

This next story is about dogs and our facial expressions and how we communicate:

Interesting stuff, but there are some parts that are incorrect. They say that dogs bark to be playful, to protect their territory and to warn of intruders. They say the wolves howl and do it to communicate with one another. Well, I’d like to add a few comments here. We ALSO bark because we want to be fed. Quickly. We bark if we are bored. We bark when going out. We bark when we want a treat. We bark in training when the two-legged is doing something wrong. We bark at random birds, falling leaves and sometimes just because we want to. We also DO communicate with each other by barking – it’s not just wolves who do that. We frequently bark across acres at our neighbor Max, just to say hello. We can’t SEE him, but we hear him and the conversation begins. It’s typically the Boss and I who are the chatty ones. The Coyote prefers to bark at nothing. At least nothing we can see. He loves to do that at night…

So that’s it from the dogs news world. Sure there are some not good dog news stories out there – but you didn’t come here to be depressed. Mind you, I suppose a mine finding dog is kinda depressing- but admirable at the same time. Anyway we leave the really heavy stories to FOX or CNN. PNN or the PON News Network tries to share good news – so you can use your facial muscles to smile!

OK – time to go goose hunting.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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