Look how cute!!!

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here with a photo of our new puppy!!!!!! How cute is she?! The Warden went to meet her yesterday!!!! OK. I can’t do this. Today is Tell a Lie Day – even though I thought that was April 1st. Anyway, despite the fact that the Warden, DID go to visit some adorable Berner babies at Glenda’s, she didn’t bring any home. And she isn’t – one more four legged being in this house and that would be the end of her. So no new sibling. But she DID bring home puppy scent, and we practically inhaled the pants off her when she got home.

What else is new – besides the fact that we are getting snow today. I wish I was telling a lie about that – but no- it’s a good thing the Warden didn’t take off her snow tires or put away the shovels just yet.

What else…Oh – I did some socializing on Saturday. I went to two pet stores and a book store. The Warden wanted to do some obedience work with me, but it was tricky because so many people wanted to touch the cute shaggy untouchable dog. Yeah – I’m fine with people – just don’t pat me on the head. I duck. Treats? I’ll take ‘em. But I have to really know someone to let them pat my head. I’m a pat aversive pandemic PON pup- a PAPPP. I’m not overly shy or nervous – I march into a place like I own it. Do I care if there are people around me? Nah. I sit calmly at the counter while the Warden is paying for something, and I couldn’t care less who is waiting behind me, or walking around me. I’ll even put my paws on the counter to check out the clerk. But do I want someone to pat me on the head? No. Who do they think I am? A dog? Oh wait – never mind. Anyway, I had a great time with all the treats I got- and visits to the pet store are like heaven . The only challenge was getting me to sit still in front of the counter at the one pet store where they had a shelf – full of bully sticks right there. The Warden even joked with the clerk “not the best place to put those bully sticks.” The clerk didn’t respond. She just smirked. Good thing SHE didn’t try to pat my head.

Anyway, I did do some quick sit and down stays and a little bit of heelwork down a couple of aisles. I get lots of treats – so it’s quite fun. The Warden said we need to do it more often. Not today though – as I said it’s going to snow all day- so we’ll be sequestered. The Warden better have some games ready. If she would have just brought that puppy home, I’d have someone who really likes to play….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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