Farts and stuff

Hi blogaroos! Squirmy here on another fabulous Friday. Friday is my favorite day of the week because I go to school on Fridays. And that means treat-a-thon for an hour. Yee haw. When we practice at home, we do short little lessons of 20 minutes. Sometimes more than once a day. Well…actually the Warden asks me to do stuff all day long, like sit stays while waiting for a meal, recalls outside and even some heelwork while out on our constitutionals. But I do enjoy our concentrated class time. Plus we learn new stuff each week.

And speaking of learning things, the Warden took a little video yesterday to show you my hunting skills. Keep in mind that I wasn’t taught this – I picked it up on my own. And when I come back from the hunt, I sit and get a bunch of treats. Is it any wonder I love this game? You won’t be able to see me at first – but you’ll be able to hear me – my cow bell gives me away. I’m busy sniffing around. You’ll also hear another noise – the Warden accidentally dropped the bag of 8 balls I had already found.


Now that the course is open for the season, there are LOTS of balls in the woods. The Warden has to keep me on leash for at least half of our walk, because I keep running back into the woods to find more balls! Did I mention that I LOVE this game!

Hey – do you know what “holiday” it is today? Why it’s Dog Farting Awareness Day. Like you’re not aware of the problem when it happens. Anyway, we decided not to share any farting dog videos, but rather a more informative video about how to treat this problem if it frequently happens with your dog.


So stay out of the beans and lentils today and eat your meals slowly. And no eating rotten garbage. Unless you prefer your time alone.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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