Happy Sunday blogaroos. Squirmy here for your entertainment today. Do you know what day it is? Why it’s National Hug Your Dog Day. But WAIT! Before you begin putting a bear hug on your canine kid, you might want to read the following:

Yeah- not all of us canines like hugs. I’m OK with it. But obviously only hugs from the Warden. The Boss is OK, but he’s not a super huggy kinda guy. And again – only with the Warden. The Coyote doesn’t mind hugging at all. And honestly, probably anybody could hug him. He’s so often paying attention to something else, he probably wouldn’t notice someone hugging him.

I had class on Friday and I was OK. Didn’t bark at, bite or ricochet off anyone- canine or human so that’s always a good thing. I even stood still for the “stand for exam” exercise- and let another human pat me on the head. Three times. First time I never moved my feet. It may not sound like a big deal – but trust me – it is.

Today the Warden is getting together with some of her dog show peeps, and I’m going along. Apparently we are going to practice beauty pageant stuff. I haven’t done that stuff in a LONG time. We’ll see if all my obedience training carries over to beauty pageant stuff. In theory, it’s easier because you basically run around a ring and stand for treats. You also need to let a judge examine you. The Warden said that in my case, the exam should include a psychological test. She thinks she’s funny. We’ll see how this goes…

What else… Oh. The Boss is currently suffering from a goopy ear – thanks to yours truly. I just cannot resist licking his ears. Well- one in particular. So then it gets all goopy and red and he scratches it and makes it worse and the Warden has to clean it out and put in drops while wrestling with him while he’s acting like a caffeinated eel. I know. I know. I shouldn’t lick his ears. But I actually don’t limit my licking to his ears. I do his whole head. I consider my actions a sign of respect. The Warden says I’m a pest. She needs to lighten up. Says the guy who doesn’t need to put ear drops in a wild animal…

OK. Time to get some brushing before we head to beauty pageant practice. All I care about is that she brings good treats.

Oh – and go hug your dog. If your dog wants you to. If not, treats are always appreciated….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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