Pets and stuff

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another terrific Tuesday. I actually missed writing yesterday- which was National Pet Day. Not sure how I missed it. We didn’t even have a cake. The Warden is getting slack.

Anyway, while I was reading about National Pet Day, I decided to see what kinds of pets people have if they’re not owned by THE best pet- a dog. OK. OK. I know I’m biased. And yes, cats are pets too. It looks like dogs outnumber cats in the US – but not by a huge percentage. I’m not sure about worldwide statistics. But my big question was, if someone doesn’t have a dog or cat, what do they have? USA Today got some info from Google looking at the pets that were searched for most often in each state. The most common pets searched for (if we don’t count dogs and cats) were chinchillas (like in Maine and New Hampshire where it’s understandable because of the climate), Guinea pigs (which were searched for across the country), and Bearded Dragons (which were searched for primarily in the South). Like what does one DO with a Bearded Dragon? Do they fetch? Act as guards? Like to cuddle? Right up there with snakes for me. Although snakes didn’t make the list. Or fish. Which is weird. One state and only one state searched for Hamsters- New Mexico. I have no idea why. But the most interesting- in my mind was the most searched for pets in Colorado and Montana. Elk? Bison? Cattle? Nope. Guess what people searched for the most. A Sugar Glider. Yup. Don’t know what it is? I didn’t. It’s a nocturnal gliding possum- in the marsupial family . They can’t be housebroken, need to live in a cage, and are frequently frightened- and when that happens, they bite. Sweet little things. I’ve met my match. Where can I get one?

So what else is new? Oh yeah – my beauty pageant class. The good news – I looked great. My coat was perfect. The bad news? I don’t appreciate someone touching my privates. And I showed a little teeny weeny bit of lip while I was being examined. Seriously. Who wants a stranger touching my orbs? And who knew one was not supposed to show my opinion about the probe. It was JUST a little lip. OK and maybe a bit of a grumble. Anyway, the Warden has decided we need a LOT more work before we go into any beauty pageant ring. I thought you just needed to LOOK nice. Nobody said I had to ACT nice too. Hey, I’m shy. What can I say? I bet most two leggeds would grumble if a stranger touched their private parts. Just keep that in mind.

Otherwise, I jumped on the judge happily when I was supposed to stop and look pretty, I didn’t bug the other dogs, and I stood like a statue – except for the probe part. So it wasn’t a total disaster. I’ll stick with obedience and rally for the time being.

So that’s the news from our corner of the world. Oh wait – I got my first ever paycheck !!! Yup. The Warden gave some of my hard hunted golf balls to a friend- and I was rewarded with a bag of treats! Yee haw! Payday!

Speaking of which – almost time to go hunting!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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