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Hey. Blog people. Elroy here for a change. The chill guy in the household. Unless I’m off leash…

So I have a story about wildlife, and possibly why the dogs in this household are often a bit more scrambled than eggs in an omelet. It’s because of the woman we live with.

So the other morning, Her Highness and I took a walk to the lake. The mops meanwhile were throwing themselves at the door and screaming- even though they had both already been out for walks. Nuttier than squirrels who ate some fermented peanuts. Assuming peanuts ferment.

Anyway as we were walking through the woods and approaching the water, we could hear the telltale sound of the giant avian poop machines. Geese. When we got to the water, we could actually see them quite a distance away. And they’re making their honking gonking racket shouting out for comrades to join them. They were hanging out at the edge of the water where you see the red lines. If you look closely, you can see them swimming toward the camera.

And the reason they are swimming toward the camera? For some unknown reason, Her Highness decided to try her attempt at a goose call. No she didn’t have an actual call device. She just starts honking. This was my reaction…

I thought she lost it. However, the geese must have thought otherwise- because they got all quiet and swam toward the sound of the goose wannabe. They literally came to her call. Unlike yours truly. Hey. I’m no goose.

It’s sorta hard to see them, but I think in this photo they are discussing whether the mysterious hidden goose has some vocal disorder. She sounds kinda hoarse.

Her Highness wanted to entice them closer but then wondered if they might get angry. Geese can get cranky apparently. Personally, I doubt they were much of a threat, but this is the same woman who worried that diving loons would go under her kayak and tip her over. She has an overly weird respect for wildlife.

Meanwhile, the wildlife in the house clearly recognized that the weird goose sound was Her Highness and they were going nutso. She probably has used the sound during one of our photo shoots to get our ears up. Note it still didn’t work in my photo.

Anyway, Her Highness had an appointment, so we didn’t get to see if the honkers would go over that little bit of land to come closer.

Yesterday they weren’t around at all. Probably flying around looking for the weird goose thinking it sent out a distress call.

Otherwise, life is cool. Walks, digging holes, wrestling with the shark, eating the odd biscuit, lounging….can’t complain about my world. Although….Easter IS this Sunday….which usually spells rabbit ears….Can anyone pick me up for a few days? I won’t even eat much. I never do.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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