Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on another fantastic Friday. Even though we are supposed to get some rain today. But the rest of the weekend is looking all bright and sun shiny, so we’ll take a few showers today. Well – I will – but the Boss, as usual will be walking like he’s in a funeral procession, zig zagging around puddles.

Speaking of the Boss, we are both certifiable. Yup we got our official CKC certificates for our new titles. I got my nursing certificate – my RN and he got his National Tire Distributors certificate – his NTD. Just joking. I got my Rally Novice and he got his Novice Trick Dog AND his Versatility Novice. We had a huge party to celebrate. Well – maybe more like a couple of treats. Now on to more competitions.

And speaking of competitions – anybody watch Jeopardy lately? Well if you haven’t- you need to know that a Nova Scotia native – Mattea Roach has been winning big time. They say she’s from Toronto, because that’s where she lives now – BUT her hometown is Halifax. The 23 year old has moved into the Top 10 list for most consecutive regular season wins. Last night she won her 13th game! We keep cheering her on – she’s a smarty.

So in honor of Mattea’s winning streak – here are some dog related Jeopardy questions. Good luck!


I bet Mattea would get most of them correct. The Warden did pretty good, and she thinks if she was on Jeopardy, it would be her best category. Better than the categories of Ancient Egyptian Recipes or Automotive Repair or Children’s Operas or Underwater Physics. I’m not sure those are for real – but I do know she would do OK with dogs. Not so much with cats. Or Sugar Gliders either.

OK. That’s it for now. School this afternoon, so I need to get fluffed up. If you don’t behave well, at least you can look good.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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