Pet Parents Day

Hello blog readers. Elroy here. On this – the last Sunday in April – better known as National Pet Parents Day. A day to honor those two leggeds who share their homes with a pet – whether it be a dog, a cat or a Sugar Glider.

Should you wish to know the origins of this day, or how to celebrate it, the following article provides some information.

Interesting that all of the “things to do” on this holiday rightfully involve us pets: spend time with your pet (as if you don’t already); gift a pet parent with accessories for your pet (for example, buy you chew toys to keep us pets occupied so you can have time to vacuum our pet hair) ; post on social media (because most pet parents never post pictures of your pets – he said sarcastically) and finally encourage pet parents with kind words like “that training you are doing is really paying off – he only pulls you on leash 50% of the time now!”

In our house we boys have decided that Her Highness should have an extra special day. Instead of getting her up at 6:30, we shall allow her to sleep in until 6:35. The mops have agreed to tone down their incessant barking at meal time, and I have agreed to actually eat my entire breakfast. We MAY allow her to take an afternoon nap, if it is raining. The forecast is calling for sun, so there is no guarantee on that one. We will each share a biscuit with her – assuming she enjoys Fish and sweet potato. We will happily give her a day off from grooming us. The Boss suggested that one. The Imp and I will not wrestle while she is eating so she can actually sit through an entire meal. The Imp has agreed to not ricochet off her for the day, and I will not squeak continually in my begging to play with him. In short, we will treat her like a princess.

Well, we had better start this festive day. I hope all of you pet parents reading this have a fantastic holiday. And I hope you do know just how much we love you…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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