Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here on a wonderful Wednesday. The Warden says that if it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t know what day it was. She’s a card carrying, perfect example of a retired person. Good thing we get her up early every morning- or she might start to sleep in too.

Yesterday, we almost drove her to the point to looking for a job – just so she could get out of the house…

She was on the phone with a friend, and so the Coyote and I decided to go outside. It was morning, so the grass/mud was still kinda damp.

The Warden was chatting, when she happened to look out the back window. There she saw the Coyote and yours truly doing a jump, chase, dig and roll game. She knocked on the window, and we both raced inside. The moist lawn, combined with tiny pieces of mulched leaves from last fall, mixed with shaggy coats, resulted in two big hairy beasts who looked like camouflaged hunters in a duck blind. We were COVERED in leaf bits. And my feet in particular, were brown from digging. ( NOTE: The photo you see does not depict the extent of the problem because this was taken before the full on roll-a-thon.)

As soon as we ran in the house, huffing and puffing, we both shook ourselves off- sending a shower of leaf bits around the room. Anything that didn’t immediately fly off was either tracked around the room or stuck deep in our coats. I think the Warden may have shed a tear. Likely because the sight of us was so endearing. It brought tears to her eyes.

The Warden didn’t know where to begin. No point in vacuuming first. She had to go to the source first.

She whisked yours truly into the salon in the garage. She heaved me up and plopped me in the tub. She proceeded to rinse my feet, leaving a brown stained tub. Then she lifted me out and plopped me on the grooming table. She set the jet force engine dryer on rocket speed, and blew out bits of leaves. And any grooming bottles standing in the way. Who knew how deep those little bits could go in one’s coat?!

Next it was the Coyote’s turn. He hid. But standing behind a dining room chair isn’t very secretive. The Warden lassoed him and invited him into the salon.

His feet weren’t too muddy, because it was yours truly doing the lion’s share of the excavation work. So he just got the blow out job. And then, just for good measure, she dremeled his nails.

Next on the agenda was vacuuming. But where to put us? She feared if she put us outside, we would again do the drop and roll game. So that was out of the question. She sequestered us in the front hall. She used her almighty stick vacuum- and had to empty it three times. Three times!!! It was a new leaf rolling record. Score!

It wasn’t long after that that the rain started. Combined with high winds. We had no desire to go out and get into the leaves again. At least not in the rain.

There’s sunshine in the forecast today. The Watden has mixed feelings about it. She’s just hoping the high winds from yesterday blew all the leaf bits away, A girl can always dream.

Time for morning constitutionals. Let’s see what I can get into today…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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