Snuffle kerfuffle

Howdy blogaroos! Happy Dyngus Day! Also known as Easter Monday. And Post-Sugar Overload Day. OK I made up the last one.

We’ve talked about Dyngus Day before – but if you’re new here, and you’re not Polish – here’s what you’re missing:

The Warden grew up in Buffalo – so she likes to give her hometown a plug for this dancing, singing, eating, alcohol-infused celebration. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the pussywillow, squirt gun tradition thing. To me, a squirt gun doesn’t symbolize Dyngus Day. Here it’s an ever-ready munition to stop over-the-top, beyond normal, incessant PON barking. Things have to be pretty bad for the squirt gun to be brought out – but trust me- it works. For me anyway.

Meanwhile here at the homestead, we had a quiet Easter Day. And guess what? The Easter bunny brought us surprises! Which we had for less than 5 minutes…

Yup – another epic toy failure. So the Warden knows that we like our snuffle mats at meal time. It’s a way to get us PONs to actually eat our meals a bit more slowly. Sometimes she uses one with the Coyote but the success rate is 50-50. I mean getting him to eat from a bowl is accomplishment enough. No point in making the task more challenging.

Anyway, with the success of the mats, the Warden thought MAYBE we might enjoy snuffle balls. Same concept as the mat, but in round shape. The treats are hidden in the folds of the fabric. Snuffle balls are touted as “enrichment tools” for us canines – by making us use our noses to find the treats. Brilliant. And even more brilliant, a local Service Dog Training organization was selling them to support their work:

Perfect – the “Easter bunny” could bring each of us a ball for Easter.

The Warden was so excited yesterday morning. She loaded the balls with treats and after some wrangling, managed to get the above photo before we could check out our Easter surprise. When she got the photo, she said “free” and all heck broke loose. Well – with us PONs anyway. The Boss grabbed one and proudly walked laps around the dining room table with it. Yours truly grabbed two balls and took off. The Warden took one away from me and gave it to the Coyote, who just stared at it. He had zero interest in it. The Boss continued his proud march, while yours truly immediately figured that the fastest way to get those treats was to put two paws on that ball and simply shred the fabric. “No” the Warden shouted!!!!!! Which made me pull faster.

At the same time, the Boss finally figured out there were treats in there – and he saw my technique. He was just about to do the same, when the Warden wooshed through grabbing snuffle balls as quickly as possible. What WAS she thinking when she purchased them? She knows stuffed toys and items with fabric don’t stand a chance in this house. Sure the mats work, but she does have to put them away after mealtime or there have been attempts to shred them as well. After she took them, she shook hard to get some of the treats out and we immediately grabbed the free treasures.

I’m sure there are civilized dogs who enjoy and can use snuffle balls in a non-destructive way. If you happen to know any, we have two for sale – at a discounted price. We have a third one, but it’s clearly been used. Or maybe the correct word is abused. We’ll keep that one as a reminder about destructible toys.

Good thing I’m cute.

Happy Dyngus Day!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Snuffle kerfuffle

  1. It was worth a shot…never know in life until you try. Have a great week!

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