Not much new

Howdy doody Blogaroos. Squirmy here on another terrific Tuesday. Although we do have snow fluffies in the forecast this morning so it’s not totally terrific . Not lots of snow- and it probably won’t stay on the ground. But just enough to make the pond I’m digging in the yard kind of wet and mucky. The Warden was chatting with a friend on the phone last evening while I was out doing some preliminary site work. I came in and she looked at me and said “well don’t YOU look ragged! Look at your feet. And your face!” I just looked at her with my rugged excavator look and shook myself. I think I may be headed for the tub today.

Hey – guess WHAT?! You give up? Pretty exciting…. I got to sleep out of my crate on Sunday night!!! I was shocked when the Warden let me out. I think she just wanted to see what would happen. Initially I had two paws on her bed and kept licking her face. She told me to settle down. Then I tried to bite her toes through the comforter. She told me to lie down. When I started licking the Boss’s face she told me to stop it – and that it would be her last warning. I settled down after that. And I was good ALL night. Until 6AM. Then I felt it was time to get the day going. The Warden kept rolling away from me and burying her head in the pillow. It didn’t work. She tried the roll and ignore strategy for 15 minutes, and finally got up. The Boss just glared at her. He was NOT impressed that yours truly was free. He likes to be king of the bedroom. He sleeps wherever he likes. On the bed, next to the bed, jammed under the bedside table, by the window…. He was annoyed that I was free. So last night I was back in my cell. Like the Coyote. That dude used to be free, but he has no awareness of personal space – and he would practically push the Warden off the bed. That’s when he returned to the pony-sized den. Which be interestingly loves. When it’s getting close to bedtime, he stands and cries by the bedroom door to be let in. The bedroom door is usually closed during the day because yours truly LOVES to jump on the bed, grab a pillow and run. Another of my obsessions…

Otherwise things are quiet here. The bunnies are changing from white to brown again. I saw one on the golf course the other morning, and he wasn’t the least bit shy. Here’s a picture of us. You can see me pulling to greet him, and my stubbie tail was wagging in circles. Actually my whole butt was moving. I just wanted to play with Thumper. Sure I did….

Time to begin the morning sing-along!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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