My obsession…

Howdy blogaroos. Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend has been super and full of sunshine and treats. Or at least treats.

Today I am writing to share with you a confession. They say they confession is good for the soul, but I don’t know who they is. Anyway… this is a confession about my secret obsession. I feel it’s time to share this info – and to see if there are other dogs out there with this “problem.” Maybe we could form a support group.

It started…hmmm…I guess last year. Susan was visiting with Keith, as I recall, and we had gone up to the golf course one morning for a walk. I was off leash running through the woods on the sides of the fairway, and the Warden called me- because I was out of sight. I came running out of the woods – and Susan and the Warden looked at each other as I was running toward them and said “What’s that in his mouth?!” It was shocking pink in color. It was a golf ball. I dropped it at the Warden’s feet and because I did that, and didn’t attempt to chew it, the Warden quickly gave me a treat. And that’s when my obsession began…..little did she know that one treat would change our walks on the golf course forever…





Since that one incident, if I go to the golf course, and I’m let off leash – I am OBSESSED with running into the woods to find balls. I mean OBSESSED. This is the third time this box has been filled. The Warden gives the balls away. Right now, because the course isn’t open, I’m finding balls from last season- many of which are half buried in mud. But don’t worry- I have figured out how to dig them out. Sometimes the Warden won’t let me off leash – because she knows I won’t stop looking until I find one. Or two. Or ten. I wear my bell so although the Warden can’t see me, she can hear where I’m headed. If the bell stops ringing, I’m either digging or possibly eating bunny poo.

I think I could get a job working for some golfers who regularly put their balls in the woods. Canine caddy. That’s me!

So there. You have learned about my secret obsession. And you thought my specialty was ricocheting. The Warden said my obsession could be worse – I could be bringing back the bunny balls….

So – if you golf and happen to be in the neighborhood, stop in – I’ll fix ya up! Twelve balls for 6 biscuits. The Warden may give them away – but I do have a small stash to make myself some treats. Hey – it’s work finding those balls – and a guy has to make a living. Given my aptitude for using my nose to find balls, the Warden thinks maybe I should try some scentwork classes. What do you think?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “My obsession…

  1. OMG! what a great Monday morning laugh! I think I would plant balls for him just so I could see his happy face… if only humans had such harmless addictions….


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