Clucking Bunny

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here today and I’m here to tell you I’m a little bit miffed. I just saw this article:

So why didn’t I know about this tryout?! I mean I think my Easter photo from last year was a winner…

Surely I could have been the Cadbury Clucking Bunny. By the way, what exactly is a clucking bunny? Sounds clucking silly if you ask me. But I would have liked the $5000 prize. That would buy a whole lot of biscuits. And just imagine me in a commercial.

So I’m pretty unhappy about this. PLUS we saw the Warden come home from the Dollar Store the other day with a pretty big bag. It can’t be more ears – we have plenty. We’ll have to wait and see…

Meanwhile, yesterday yours truly showed the Warden juuuuuusssssst how determined I can be. I prefer the word “determined” rather than stubborn. We took a walk to the lake – Frodo was free, I was free with my giant bell and the Coyote was on leash. As we were headed for the house, we all came across a particularly aromatic poop that some animal left on the trail. When the Warden realized what we were dissecting with our noses, she said to “leave it.” The other guys carried on but yours truly wasn’t finished. At least in my mind. The Warden said more loudly (like I didn’t hear her the first time) “LEAVE it.” I walked forward about 3 feet and turned around to go back. The Warden said “ NO- LEAVE it!!” I went forward about 10 feet and turned to go back. “HEY. LEAVE it.” I proceeded forward about 10 feet again, circled in front of the Warden and headed back. “I MEAN IT – LEAVE IT!” Next, I went ahead of her and ran off into the woods on her right. She watched me as I circled back in the woods to go to the spot. “SERIOUSLY- I SEE YOU! LEAVE IT!!” Then I ran ahead of her, crossed in front of her and headed into the woods on her left. Again I tried to circle back. “I’M GOING TO PUT YOU ON A LEASH AND YOU’LL NEVER BE LET LOOSE AGAIN UNTIL YOU’RE 12! LEAVE IT RIGHT NOW!!!!” I tried at LEAST 6 times to get back to that poop. But I realized the Warden does pay attention on these walks. Plus that blasted cow bell gives me away. Hard to be sneaky when you sound like an old fashioned ice cream truck with every move you make. While she was opening the gate to let us into the yard, I decided to try one more time to run back. But she had her eye on me. “GET IN THIS YARD RIGHT THIS INSTANT OR I’LL LOCK YOU OUT AND YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO COME IN AND GET YOUR SUPPER.” Honestly- did she think I’d fall for that one? You KNOW she would never lock me out. But much as I KNEW she would never REALLY do it, who wants to take a slim chance when there’s food involved. I came in.

So that’s the news from here. Hope you have a clucking jolly Thursday- full of sunshine and good aromas.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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