Crufts Day 1

Yo. Blog people. Elroy here. Bringing you the latest news from Crufts. I mean we’re not there – but thanks to the Internet, we can almost be there. Almost being the operative word.

So if you happened to try and watch the Herding group judging, you’ll note that there was no Picard. Her Highness chuckled and said it’s probably because the Picard didn’t feel like it. But that’s not it, I think. Picards are in a different class called the Imported Breed Register. I looked it up, but couldn’t understand it. I mean I know there were Picards at the show (because Her Highness has a friend who was showing her boy), and they competed for Best of Breed – but something about their status doesn’t allow them to compete in the Group. At least I think that’s why. Or maybe the dog just DIDN’T feel like it after all.

Her Highness has a number of friends who competed with their PONs yesterday – she met many of them during her last visit to Crufts . It was exciting to see the results. She knows the owner of the pretty bitch who won Best Bitch (yeah it’s OK to say that in dog shows when you talk about girl dogs – I’m not being sassy) – and Her Highness also knows the humans who are owned by the handsome boy who won Best of Breed. A huge congratulations to all the winners – in all the classes. The BOB dog looked super duper during the Group judging, but unfortunately, he didn’t take the Group. Robbed. But as I said, he looked terrific. And he didn’t ricochet off the judge or anything. The winner of the Pastoral Group was the Border Collie. There were over 200 entered at the breed level. Bet their judging included an IQ test.

The winner of the Working Group was the Siberian Husky. Wonder if the dog had to pull a sled to get in.

Lots goes on at Crufts – like the Imp mentioned the other day. We gathered a few videos from Day One, for your viewing pleasure. I said they had to be under 10 minutes. Who can attend to something for more than 10 minutes? Not me.

This first one is of a young girl with her dog in agility. Me thinks this girl has a long agility career ahead..

The Kennel Club awards something called a Hero Dog award each year. There are five finalists. I’ll show ya three. The first is a dog named Milo, who is the eyes for his human:–v-xH5BU

Next up is a group of Newfies who have a unique roll:

And lastly we have Chewy, the rescue dog. His story is one of a double rescue….

You can check out the other two on the Crufts YouTube channel. And other results as well.

We haven’t seen any great bloopers yet, but it’s only been one day. That’s my favorite part. Like this dog – who became an Internet sensation- and who competed at Crufts several times. Yo. I don’t know what’s funnier – Olly or the announcer…

Now he’s MY hero dog. Kinda reminds me of the Imp. Every morning. Before we even leave the house.

Anyway – good luck to all the dogs there. Remember whether you take home a ribbon or not – competing at Crufts in any event is honor enough!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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