Get ready for doggie Disney – CRUFTS!

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here on another wonderful Wednesday. And guess what today is? Besides the birthday of Barbie, the famous doll from Mattel. Who makes a for a great chew toy. It’s the day before CRUFTS begins!!!! The big, huge, ginormous dog show that takes place in Birmingham, England each year. Crufts is the equivalent of doggie Disney World – it has everything thinkable related to dogs – a big beauty pageant , obedience, agility, flyball, heelwork to music, treat eating…the list goes on. OK, I made up the treat eating competition. That’s in my dreams. In addition to a gazillion events and activities and presentations- they sell stuff. Lots and lots and LOTS of stuff. The Warden has been to Crufts four times – and she bought lots of cool stuff there. I think the last time she was there, it was like a suitcase full. One year she even brought home weave poles. I’m not sure how she carried them on the plane. In fact, the purple leash we use in our classes and in Rally came from Crufts!!!!

The Warden wishes she would be there this year – but no such luck. BUT – one can watch things happening at Crufts on-line! At least stuff happening in the Main arenas. If you want to watch, it sounds like the Kennel Club YouTube channel is a great option. Here are some links, with other options as well:

We’ll be rooting for our PON and Picard friends as they strut their stuff in the beauty pageant or should I say, the conformation event. PONs and Picards are in the Pastoral Group – and that group is scheduled to compete on Thursday. The Working breeds are also competing on Thursday.

On Friday it will be the Terrors oops I’m mean Terriers and the Hounds running around the rings and on Saturday it will be the Utility breeds and the teenie weenies – the Toys. Sunday will conclude with the Gundogs and the grand finale- Best in Show. Over 20,000 dogs are entered in Crufts! The show catalogue for Crufts, which lists all the dogs competing, is not a single volume – it’s four – one for each day! It’s like four novels.

Just to give you a tiny warm up sample – here are two short videos – the first featuring conformation and the second featuring obedience. And holy moly THOSE dogs are OBEDIENT!!!

Anyway – we just want to wish all of our friends who are competing the BEST of luck. And of course you two leggeds know that no matter the result – you always take home the best dog!

Have fun! And if you see something PON or Picard related that we MUST have, message the Boss. He still has his show winnings that he can spend!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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