Trial #2

Greetings blog aficionados. Frodo here. Writing on this Monday morning to share more news about our weekend escapades.

As you know, yours truly scored a perfect 100 on Saturday in Rally Masters. This is, as you may recall after two dismal trial failures back in December. But this time, Her Highness had done her homework, and studied the signs so as not to get confused on the course. In addition, while we WERE quite fast, she did pause to think ahead. She did her part MUCH better and of course, I did brilliantly as I always do. Not to brag, but it’s simply the truth. And yesterday, although we did have a bobble or two, I still scored 98 – enough for another High in Class finish. And another cash prize. I’m assuming the money will be spent on treats for me, which I of course will share with my “brothers” as it IS the charitable thing to do.

Now as for the Imp – well he and Her Highness got rather “cocky” since he finished his RN title, so they “moved him up” to Rally Advanced. You may recall he crashed and burned in the Rally Advanced practice match last weekend. So WHY they thought he could pass this weekend, I don’t know. Mind you, I had a rather ragged run around last weekend myself, but then I’m mature enough to overcome such setbacks. But back to the Imp. Advanced is off leash. Which did result in an instance of wide heeling during which Her Highness really laid on the cheery heeling voice- bringing the Imp back into position. Despite HIS odd bobble, he managed to tie my score with a respectable 98. So the Imp has his first Advanced leg.

The above photo shows our weekend bounty. It was terribly difficult to take the photo because the Imp kept trying to eat the ribbons. Hence the cranky look on his face as he was instructed to “LEAVE THE RIBBONS ALONE!” Isn’t it ironic that he passes Rally “Obedience” trials, yet is so DISobedient at home? Yes – he still has some learning to do….

Now we must look ahead to more trials. I have one more leg for my title. And given my brilliant performance this weekend, I understand Her Highness MAY even bring me out of retirement to get back in the regular obedience ring…. We’ll see. But today, I’m taking the day off. Unless she buys some really good treats with my cash prizes. THEN I’ll be happy to train! Rally on!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.,

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