Busy. Plus more Crufts results

Hey everybody. Busy Squirmy here. That’s me – always on the go. Always into something. That’s a photo of me before The Warden could catch me as I ran outside with the dog bed. Apparently you’re not supposed to take it outside. I did bring it back when she called me…

And I was about to take off with it again…but she said the magic word “biscuits” and I brought it back in. She put the bed away. Spoil sport.

Speaking of coming when called, did you know there are TWO dogs named Wojtek in this house?! Yup – two. Usually when my name is called, it’s because I’m “into something” – and if I come when called, I get a treat. So now, EVERY time I am called, the Boss automatically comes. Sometimes he comes before me. The other day, the Warden looked at him and said “When was your name changed to Wojtek?” He just tilted his head in that treat-deserving expression that works every time.

So yesterday it rained – before these photos were taken. It rained most of the day. Prompting the Warden to defrost some marrow bones to keep us from driving her mad. But we can only have them for like 25 minutes before she takes them away – and back in the freezer they go. Soupy poops in pouring rain with high winds would make for a real nightmare. Too much of a good thing can have a bad result….

We’ve still been watching bits and pieces of Crufts – but let’s face it – when it comes to the beauty pageant parts, we love the Pastoral Group the best. Oh – and Best in Show – which is today. But let’s review the other Group winners. In the Terrier Group, the number one dog was the Irish Terrier. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. In the Hound Group, it was the Greyhound. That was quick.

In the Utility Group the winner was a Toy Poodle named Waffle. A delectable winner. And in the Toy Group, it was the Yorkshire Terrier. It’s kinda confusing. So a toy dog wins but he’s not in the Toy Group and a Terrier wins who isn’t in the Terrier Group. Don’t bother trying to explain it to me – I won’t listen. Anyway – congratulations to all the winners so far. Today the Gundog Group will be judged – and then it’s on to Best in Show. I can’t pick my favorite yet because I haven’t seen the last group winner yet. If you go by the bookies, the winner of the Terrier Group has the best odds of winning, followed by the winner of the Gundog Group and then the Toy Group. They say the winner of the Utility group has the worst odds – BUT now, given that it’s a Toy Poodle- personally I think the odds might have changed. I’m still betting on the PON. Even though he didn’t win the Group. It’s my money.

Here’s another fun video from Crufts this year. Well it’s fun for the dog. The human probably not so much. The Warden said this could be me….


Hey I hope you turned your clock forward last night, or you’re an hour behind everyone. Last night at 9PM, the Warden announced, “We are going to bed.” We all looked at her like she lost her mind. But we get a treat at bedtime, so nobody complained. As a result, we are all well rested and ready to rock and roll. Heck, I think sleep is overrated anyway.

Time to begin the morning choir fest.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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