Happy Thursday blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here today on what is supposed to be another snowy day. Yesterday we had snow in the morning- that wet, snowball-in-the-nether-regions kind of snow. We all did our convoy to the lake in the morning, returning with a barrel full of snow on our bodies. The Warden was mopping the floor for an hour. OK – maybe not an HOUR – but it felt like it as we waited for breakfast.

Luckily the snow stopped by noon, because the Warden had a “planned outing” for me and the Boss. Something she hasn’t done before. She rented space at a training facility, to train us! Yup – the same place we were last week – AND the same place where the trial will be this weekend. She figured she would move our regular daily training from the rec room – to a different environment – just to mix things up. Now I have trained there in the past with other dogs, BUT she has never taken the two of us. At the same time….

We arrived and she decided to work with the Boss first – while yours truly waited in the car. After about 20 minutes, she came out to get me. I walked into the room and well, the two of us guys acted like we hadn’t seen each other in a week. I went particularly crazy – pouncing on the Boss, rolling under him, licking his face and ears, barking and acting totally loco. The Warden didn’t know how to separate us. We looked like one big ball of rolling fluff. When she FINALLY managed to pull me away, the Boss just settled down to watch me do my training. And I wasn’t TOO bad. Although I don’t yet have the laser focus and attention that the Boss has. Mind you – he’s had lots of time to develop that!

When I was done with my training, the Warden put me and the Boss in a Sit Stay while she put equipment away. We both rocked that. Then we did a down stay, which I personally prefer, and we both rocked that as well. We finished off our session with a round of fetch-the-bumpers and much to the Warden’s surprise, we both retrieved the bumpers numerous times, without being distracted by the many smells in the room.

So that was our Wednesday. The Coyote got his own walk when we got home – just so he wouldn’t feel left out. He sniffed the air for rabbits and cats, and marked his trail so that he could easily find his way home. Leaving pee mail is his specialty.

As a final note today, we continue to think about the people of Ukraine and their ongoing struggles. We are in awe of the many acts of heroism and patriotism carried out by the Ukrainian people. We are also in awe of the support that the people (and their pets!) are receiving from neighboring countries – like Poland. In an effort to help the many refugees fleeing Ukraine, countries like Poland have dropped the mandatory veterinary requirements to allow people into the country with their pets. So many people in Poland have welcomed refugees with open arms with their pets. We’ve seen videos of litters of puppies being transported out of the country and people willing to take them in.

Clubs like the Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales and the West of England have taken up donations to be forwarded to an official charity “helping children and animals to escape this terrible conflict.” Well done to that breed club for initiating this project. The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association took a cue from their neighbors across the pond, and collectively made a contribution to the PLSCWWE for their fundraising campaign. Many of our breed friends are on the ground in Poland, collecting food, clothing, and basic needs for the refugees- in addition to the room and board I have already mentioned. Dog people are extra good people – at least that’s what I think!

The world can be a tough place at times, yet in the darkness of this conflict, the light of kindness and support shines through… We hope that light continues to shine and gets brighter and brighter….

Have a good one. PEACE and paws up. Stay safe.

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